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  • Best Colors For Engagement Pictures

    What you wear in your photos are just as important as all the other details (like location, posing and lighting) that go into taking the best photos. Here are some tips!

Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day Doesn’t Mean It’s Ruined

There is so much awesome wedding photography out there but there are times when mother nature may try to get in the way. There is no need to let bad weather on your wedding day ruin everything… including your mood! You can not change the weather, but you can always plan ahead and work with the weather to make the best of the situation.

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The Windmill Winery in Arizona – Awesome Wedding Venue #3

The Windmill Winery is Florence, Arizona has a blend of rural authenticity and elegance and that is why we have choose it as the third in our awesome wedding venue series. One of the most unique wedding venues in Arizona, the property has 2 lakes, beautiful lush greenery, a soaring 100 year old barn, and a brand new Lake House with a beautiful dock that overlooks the Superstition Mountains.

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Touchdown Worthy Football Themed Wedding Ideas

We just LOVE football season…the cooler weather, cheering on your team and watching the game with your friends and family!  Here at SnapKnot we have a Patriots fan, Steelers fan, Giants fan and a Lions fan and we love some rivalries. =)

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First Look Photos – A Stylish Utah Wedding

It has always been tradition for the bride and groom to not see each other on their wedding day until she first walks down the isle. Lately, couples have gained interest in taking first look photos where the two get to see each other alone before the ceremony. It is a special time where you can talk and just spend time together all fancy and beautiful in your wedding gown and tuxedo. The first look is also a perfect time for your photographer to capture the look on your groom’s face as he sees you for the first time, and to also photograph the two of you spending those few quality moments together before you say “I do.” Looking for a few reasons as to why you should take first look photos? Read about four great reasons here.

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Engagement Posing Guide

You are engaged and now you are going to have to master the art of taking photos together… ALOT of photos! From the fun selfies you have taken of you and your fiancé announcing your engagement to all of your social media pages, to your engagement photos, bridal portraits and all the different pics that will be snapped of you both throughout your entire wedding day, you want to be ready with great poses. We want to give you tips with this engagement posing guide.

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Rainy Engagement Session in Kansas

Sometimes things in life just do not go as planned. And sometimes it can rain on your parade (or your engagement session… literally)! Just because it may rain on your engagement photo day, or even your wedding for that matter, these photos of this rainy engagement session we want to show you today will prove that a little rain will not hurt anyone.

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10 Things To Remember For Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is a huge task to take on, and every bride wants their wedding to go smoothly and exactly as planned. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in all the planning, the endless amount of details and the stress that comes with planning such a large event. But when your big day arrives, we want to you be sure to relax, enjoy all the hard work you have put into all the planning and spend quality time with your new spouse and your family and friends. That is why we have put together this list of things to remember for your wedding day.

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Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Registry

Over the years, we have seen the traditional wedding registry that is designed to help stock up and decorate an empty house is become less and less popular. One major reason for the decline in the traditional wedding registry is due to the fact that many couples nowadays have already been living together long before they even consider getting married. Married-couples-to-be are looking for ways to direct the generosity of their guests towards things that would be more useful to them in this day and age and finding those unique ideas for your wedding registry is so important (and not to mention fun)!

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