Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

We love winter…. I mean, why not? You can play in the snow, wear comfy sweaters, scarfs and boots, and best yet, snuggle up next to the fireplace with the one you love. If you are engaged, have found your perfect wedding photographer, and are now planning out your engagement photos for the winter months, here are some awesome winter engagement photo ideas that we think you are sure to love. So sit back, snuggle up, start that fire, and enjoy these great pics to help bring you inspiration for your own engagement session!

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Fairy Tale Wedding Photography

Many brides want their special day to be just like pages out of a fairy tale! They also want those special moments to be captured beautifully by their wedding photographer so they can always look back and remember that day. We found these beautiful bride and groom photos in this article on Huffington Post who were lucky enough to have fairy tale wedding photography that really truly looked like they were supposed to be from the princess love stories we all know and grew up reading.

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SnapKnot’s 5 Top Blog Posts of 2014

We have had some great informative posts up on our blog over the past year as well as so, so many amazing real weddings and engagements that have been showcased. Here are a our 5 top blog posts of 2014 just in case you need a little refresher when you start your wedding planning!

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Nostalgic Westhampton Engagement Photos

These Westhampton engagement photos show off the gorgeous outdoor scenery that The Hamptons has to offer. Christine and Mike had their engagement photo session on an overcast October day and chose to have photos taken at a couple different place, including the location where the two had their first date! Even without a sunny day, the overcast weather worked out in the couple’s favor and resulted in some truly beautiful engagement photos to share with friends and family!

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Early Spring Wedding at Mildale Farm

What better way to warm up during the cold winter weather, then to look at beautiful wedding photography of an early spring wedding at Mildale Farm? Located in the small town of Edgerton, Kansas, Mildale Farm has a lot to offer! With 3 buildings situated on 22 acres of beautiful land, it can accommodate large groups for any kind of occasion, especially a wedding!

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Snowy Winter Wedding Photos

Winter is different in so many places. I you live somewhere where it snows all through the winter months, the snow is such a fun thing to incorporate into your wedding photos. If the temperatures stay a bit milder in your neck of the woods, it is still nice to use the deep hues of wintery colors to create a beautiful winter theme for your wedding day. There are so many different ideas for winter weddings, and here we wanted to showcase some amazing snowy winter wedding photos that we thought would help get you thinking about various ideas if you are planning a winter wedding.

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A Stunning Winter Bridal Shoot

With the winter season arriving, the cold weather has impacted much of the United States. This winter bridal shoot emphasizes the cold weather and uses it to the advantage of the shoot. Hickory Corners, Michigan turned out to be the perfect location for this bridal shoot. The photos show off the venue chosen, as well as the beauty of the interior and exterior, making these photos simply stunning!

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Surprise Dallas Engagement Photos

Making your proposal special means something different for everyone. Some think having a romantic proposal while on vacation is perfect while others may want to propose at the location you first met or in the comfort of their own home. Any way you prefer, you want to make that moment something the both of you will never forget! So what better way then to surprise them in the middle of taking photos? That’s what Nathan came up with when he planned on asking Mandy and why we just had to share with you these surprise Dallas engagement photos.

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1x1.trans Surprise Dallas Engagement Photos

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