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Black and White Wedding Ideas

Black and white colors bring a sense of sophistication to any event, especially a wedding. And, with Halloween approaching, black and white is perfect if you have a fall wedding close to the spooky holiday. There are so many fun, and also very unique black and white wedding ideas that we have found that are such great ideas if you are planning your wedding with a black and white color palate.

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Golden Gate Canyon State Park Fall Engagement Photos

There is nothing more beautiful in the autumn than a gorgeous mountain view when the leaves change into their bright fall colors of yellows, reds and oranges. Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, Colorado is one of those perfect locations to see that amazing fall foliage and .

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Six Fun Ways To Announce Your Engagement

You are engaged and want to scream it to the world for all to hear! We totally get it… it is such an exciting time for you both. But, instead of posting selfies of you and your fiancé with your amazing engagement ring, why not use really fun ways to announce your engagement instead? There are some great ideas that you can use to make the big announcement and whether you want to tell everyone in person or by a fun announcement card… here are six great ideas that we think you will love!

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Rustic Wedding In San Diego With Amazing Details

Beautiful bright colors of pink, gold and white brought together this amazing rustic wedding in San Diego between Brian and Kiley. (It totally made for some beautiful wedding photography as well!) Brit with Brit Jaye Photography photographed this couple and she had some great things to say about the wedding.

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The Most Amazing Celebrity Engagement Rings

Every engaged female loves when she first gets engaged and all your friends and family swoon over the amazing rock that the love of your life picked out especially for you when he proposed.  And we just love it when your wedding photographer captures some beautiful pics of your rock! No matter the size, the diamond is special to you. It showcased that special moment when he got down on one knee and said those words you had been waiting to hear! There are many celebs out there that have the biggest, shiniest and priciest diamonds out there. We found this article on Who What Wear on the most amazing celebrity engagement rings that we just had to show you…some even look as though they would be too heavy for someone to hold up on their own!

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Special Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The wedding ceremony is such a special moment in every bride and groom’s life. Walking down the isle to the person you love and vowing to spend the rest of your life with them for better or for worse, in sickness and in health means so much to you both. Your ceremony should be planned out the way you both want it to be. All those details, from the flowers, to the seating, to even the amount of people you choose to have at your ceremony is your choice. And your wedding photographer will help capture all those special moments in your wedding photos so you will be able to remember them forever! We have pulled together some special wedding ceremony ideas to get you thinking about those little ceremony details and hope that there are some here that you love and want to recreate for your wedding ceremony.

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Lifelong Love and a Beautiful Massachusetts Wedding

When you get to walk down the isle to the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want to make sure that is a lifelong love that you both share. And when you find that person, you know it and there is nothing better!

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Old Town Sacramento Engagement Photos

Old Town Sacramento has a beautiful 28 acres along the waterfront that offers so much history and great achievement. The area has seen fires, floods, it was where the Transcontinental Railroad was founded and was the home of California’s first thriving business district. Even after all of that history, the area still continues to thrive with shopping, dining and lots of entertainment. With so much beauty and history in the area, Kevin and Renee had their very own history together here and decided they wanted to have Old Town Sacramento engagement photos to help them remember for years to come how their love story began.

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Projection Mapping of Disney Wedding Cakes

Have you dreamed of having your wedding in Disney World? It is the most magical place on earth for kids and adults of all ages so a Disney wedding would be nothing but amazing. From the beautiful venues around the world to the magical feeling you get when you take your first step into the Magic Kingdom (or any other one of the Disney parks), your wedding would be nothing but stunning. You can even have amazing Disney wedding cakes and not to mention, your wedding photography would be so beautiful.

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1x1.trans Projection Mapping of Disney Wedding Cakes

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