• Engagement Shoot Props

    An engagement session is so important to you as a couple. In many instances, this is the first time you and your fiance have taken professional photographs together. You can customize your photos however you want but we just love the idea of adding engagement shoot props!

  • Save Time. Stay on Budget.

    Easily search for wedding photographers by your budget, location and visual style. It's FREE to search, start today!

  • Huntington Beach Wedding

    There is something so beautiful and intimate about a smaller wedding just like the one we want showcased in Huntington Beach, California.

  • Engagement Photos with Pets

    Your furry friend is a part of your family. You post photos of them all over your Facebook and Instagram, and now you are getting married so why not include your pet in your engagement session?

Popular Orange County Engagement and Wedding Photographers

Here at SnapKnot we are here to help couples find their perfect photographer but we would not be able to do that if it was not for our awesome photographer members all throughout the world. Orange County, California is a great location for a wedding. With its awesome beach towns, theme parks, wonderful temperatures and so much to do, if you live in California, or are even looking for a great place to have your destination wedding, Orange County is a great choice! There are also so many wonderful and popular Orange County engagement and wedding photographers that you can choose from to help you capture the most special moments of your wedding day.

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Police and Fire Department Themed Weddings and Engagement Photos

Anyone who is a member of a police or fire department knows that, much like the military, you are a part of a unique family. Police and fire fighters spend many hours a day together, some even have 24 hour shifts and are at the fire station or with their partner more time then they are at home. We wanted to showcase some great police and fire department themed weddings and engagement photos to show those police and fire fighters that we are thankful for what you all do for us every day!

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Intimate Florida Wedding

There is something very special about a small wedding with only your closest family and friends in attendance and that is exactly what Joe and Gina wanted for their wedding. Their intimate Florida wedding was at Boheme Bistro, a small restaurant located in Delray Beach, Florida, that was perfect for the vision of their day.

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Earning Miles With Your Wedding Registry

Do you and your fiancé love to travel? Why not start earning miles for an airline with your wedding registry to help kick-start your travel as a married couple? You could even use the points you have earned for the flight to your honeymoon. We found this great article on The Points Guy all about earning miles with a registry and we just had to share some of the great tips!

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DIY Beach Wedding Ideas

White sand, a warm breeze, the sweet sound of waves crashing on the shore — sound like paradise? The answer is ‘yes’! From the idyllic setting to the laidback atmosphere, there’s truly nothing better than a beach wedding! But, the best part about a beautiful seaside celebration? There are so many great (and easy) DIY beach wedding ideas that you can do! It is easy to create an ambience that’s not only adorable, but affordable, as well!

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Amazingly Beautiful Outdoor Bridal Photos – Part 2

Every bride is beautiful, don’t you think? We have already showed you our first round of amazingly beautiful brides… there were so many gorgeous ones we wanted to show, we had to break it up into two posts! Today we want to showcase our second round. These are some amazingly beautiful outdoor bridal photos. Enjoy!

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Houston Astros Baseball Themed Wedding

Everyone loves a great game of baseball and if you are a baseball lover like this couple featured below, why not plan a baseball themed wedding? Baseball and a wedding… there is nothing better!

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1x1.trans Houston Astros Baseball Themed Wedding

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