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  • Great Ideas For Beautiful Hairstyles

    YThere are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles that you can try…whether you want to leave your hair down, have a classic updo or a fun style of your own, there are so many wonderful options when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle.

  • Best Colors For Engagement Pictures

    What you wear in your photos are just as important as all the other details (like location, posing and lighting) that go into taking the best photos. Here are some tips!

Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Registry

Over the years, we have seen the traditional wedding registry that is designed to help stock up and decorate an empty house is become less and less popular. One major reason for the decline in the traditional wedding registry is due to the fact that many couples nowadays have already been living together long before they even consider getting married. Married-couples-to-be are looking for ways to direct the generosity of their guests towards things that would be more useful to them in this day and age and finding those unique ideas for your wedding registry is so important (and not to mention fun)!

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SnapKnot Updates and New Improvements to the Site

We are so excited to tell you about some new exciting SnapKnot updates we are implementing to our site! We love our members (both photographers and engaged couples!) and are always here to help you in any way that we can. Our goal is to help you book more weddings by matching you with couples through our Lead-Match System (LMS) and by giving you a great place to promote and showcase your work.

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Vintage Train Station Engagement Photos

There is something so romantic about vintage train station engagement photos. A stroll hand-in-hand along the old railroad tracks is so sweet. Old vintage looking trains also bring great color and a unique backdrop for the photos.

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The Raleigh South Beach – Awesome Wedding Venue #2

We had the first post in our awesome wedding venue series last month and we are so excited to have another great venue to tell you all about! The Raleigh South Beach in Miami is such a beautiful property and location for a wedding or reception.

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Classic Episcopal Wedding Ceremony

There is nothing more beautiful than a classic wedding celebration. The wonderful traditions, timeless details and elegance make a classic event so special. Jordan and Ellie had a classic episcopal wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Best Wedding Planning Apps

You are engaged… YAY, we are so happy for you!!!!  So now it is time to buckle down and start planning. The one thing that is so tough about planning your wedding is that life doesn’t stop to give you extra time to plan…. you still have to work, pay bills, go to school and everything else that life brings your way. We found this article on The Knot about the best wedding planning apps and it inspired us to tell you about a few of our favorites.

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Wedding Photo Disaster

No matter what you plan out for your wedding, you never know what will happen. Much like the rest of life, things can happen during a wedding, and your wedding photos, that can be totally unpredictable. That is why this wedding photo disaster that we found on BuzzFeed could potentially happen to anyone who wants to have their wedding on the beach, or even just take a few harmless photos next to the ocean.

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1x1.trans Wedding Photo Disaster

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