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Wedding Dessert Ideas If You Do Not Want Cake

When planning your wedding, every couple gets to explore so many options, especially when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth along with their guests. Traditionally, couples choose a wedding cake for dessert, but why not break tradition and explore other wedding dessert ideas that are out there? Your wedding day is all about representing the both of you as a couple, and that includes your dessert table!

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Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Day and Stay Stress Free

Anyone who has been a bride knows the first-hand experience of having plenty of stress in the days leading up to the wedding. From the guest list that continues to grow to the budget that has already been exceeded, it can be difficult to actually enjoy your wedding day once it arrives. To ensure that it’s the most incredible day of your life without having stress involved, there are a few details to plan ahead of time for a memorable occasion. Here are a few tips from Bethany with Bethany Cleg Photography on ways to enjoy your wedding day and keep it as stress free as you possibly can!

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Photos Of Couple Getting Married All Over The World

Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt, who live in California, decided that they wanted to take a three-month “wedding tour” around the world so they could get married in many different countries. When they were starting to do their wedding planning, they could not figure out what it was they wanted for their wedding. Instead, they decided they would use the money they would for a wedding, buy a dress and a tux, and travel the world. Here are some photos of the couple getting married all over the world that we found on this article on People. We definitely think it is a pretty awesome idea!

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8 Tips To Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task. It is never easy to plan anything if you are not able to physically be there to do it. One good thing is that technology today makes it easy to contact people from anywhere. Since we know that so many people have destination weddings, whether it be in the location you first met while you were in college together, or you want to say “I do” on a beautiful beach somewhere, we put together these 10 tips to planning a destination wedding, that we hope will help you in your planning.

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Mad Hatter Themed Wedding

Spring has finally arrived, and it’s a wonderful time for a wedding! With the inclusion of pastels and beautiful flowers, this Mad Hatter themed wedding is perfect for the season. This couple managed to pull off a stunning and unique wedding, and we just had to show you! It is important to make your wedding personalized to you and your significant other, and Tiffany and Josh nailed their idea!

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Southern California Engagement Photos By A Minnesota Photographer

Located in Southern California, Big Bear Lake has a lot to offer those who visit. Whether you enjoy making your way down the slopes or relaxing by the lake, Big Bear provides activities for any season. It also has plenty of scenery for those who visit to enjoy! All of this makes it such a great location to create beautiful Southern California engagement photos!

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SnapKnot Wedding Dress Winner Of A DaVinci Bridal Gown

Planning a wedding, and paying for all the little details can be tough. That is why we started our wedding dress giveaway where one lucky bride would win a wedding dress of her choice from DaVinci Bridal. We are so excited to announce that Alexandra Black is our wedding dress winner! Congrats Alexandra!

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8 St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Ideas

Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone! To help you enjoy this fun Irish celebration, we wanted to share some fun St. Patrick’s Day wedding ideas that we found.

Just like every holiday, there is someone who wants to plan a wedding around it. And honestly, there are so many amazing things you can do. Not only is green such a beautiful color for a wedding, you can do so much with it.

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Precious Moments: Father of the Bride Photos

Fathers and daughters share a special and unique relationship that is unlike any other. On a daughter’s wedding day, it is time for the father to give her away to the new man in her life, but the special father-daughter bond will never be broken. These precious father of the bride photos show just how much a wedding day affects fathers and their daughters.

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Fun Wedding Party Photos

Wedding photography has no limits when it comes to creating the perfect picture. Whatever you could imagine for your photos really can be made possible, so why not have a little fun with it? It’s your day so it should be fun! Your wedding day is all about having a great time and making memories that you can look back on. So we came across several fun wedding party photos that you could definitely say created memories they will never forget!

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