Ever wondered what goes into the price range that wedding photographers charge? What exactly IS the average cost of wedding photography? How much should my wedding photographer cost? What all does the job description entail?

Belinda Philleo of Shots Before Shoots came up with a concise and informative photographer price infographic explaining wedding photographer cost and the time involved in wedding photography. We think it is something that both brides and photographers can benefit from taking a quick glance at!

“The first  and most common misconception about wedding photography is that your average wedding photographer provides around seven hours of wedding day photography and some will give you an included engagement session. So many couples calculate this way $3000 divided by 8 hours = $375 per hour, right? Wrong.”

Think prep time, editing1x1.trans The Truth Behind Pricing: What is the Average Cost of Wedding Photography?, and order fulfillment, all which leads to an average of 39-55 hours spent on any single wedding. Add in the price range and costs of assistants and second photographers (all of which many good photographers will utilize, and you’ll be glad they did), AND a 20% income tax cost per wedding? That, at an average cost of wedding photography at $3,000, is $640 per wedding! Beyond all of this, running a business is a challenge in any industry. We’re ever more impressed with our photographers after getting the down-low on the connection between wedding photographer cost and value.

How does the average cost of wedding photography compare with earnings for a photographer? Take a peek:

1x1.trans The Truth Behind Pricing: What is the Average Cost of Wedding Photography?


“When all is said and done, your wedding photographer has spent much time learning and perfecting their craft. They have learned how to capture that magical moment when your groom first sees you coming down the aisle. They catch that tear you didn’t even know your father was wiping away as he handed you over. You aren’t paying your wedding photographer to show up and take a few snapshots, you’re paying them to create beautiful artwork and family heirlooms of your most precious day.”

What are your thoughts about the average cost of wedding photography, and the cost breakdown from the infographic? How does this relate to the price range of your own wedding photography business? Or what do you think about this if you are currently in the process of planning your own wedding and searching for a wedding photographer?

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1x1.trans The Truth Behind Pricing: What is the Average Cost of Wedding Photography?

1x1.trans The Truth Behind Pricing: What is the Average Cost of Wedding Photography?