10 Tips for Contemporary Wedding Photography from Micheal Beaulieu

Wedding Photography, Bertha Brock Park Ionia
Image by brandonmulnix via Flickr

Micheal Beaulieu is a Montreal-based photographer specializing in expressive wedding photography. He had a recent article over at Phototuts+ called 10 Tips for Contemporary Wedding Photography.


Never before has the genre of wedding photography been more creative or dynamic. Couples today are wanting to step away from the traditionally posed, sepia tinted images so popular decades ago. The aim of this article is to guide you towards a style that is more current, expressive, artistic, and one that will attract the interest of brides-to-be. Let’s renew our photography vows and step into 2010 with a new perspective!


I hope this article will help photographers see that wedding photography isn’t always traditional and old fashioned. Just because a white dress is involved, doesn’t mean you can’t take risks with wedding photography.

Getting to know a few new technical tips and a fresh perspective on the genre may be all you need to expand your portfolio, and adapt your style into one that is fun, creative, colorful, and current.

His 10 tips are:

  1. The Appointment
  2. Equipment Check
  3. The Big Picture
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Color & Reflections
  6. Capture Everything – Part 1
  7. Capture Everything – Part 2
  8. Creative Portraits
  9. The After Party
  10. Post Processing

Be sure to read the post for the details on each tip.

Photographers: Did you find any usable tips in there?

Do you have any other pointers to share with your fellow wedding photographers?

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