10 Wedding Photos You Must Have

Your wedding photos will tell the beautiful story of one of the most wonderful days of your life. Your wedding photographer will be snapping photos throughout the entire day but you want to make sure they capture all the special photos you want. You may want to be sure to get a photo with your grandmother, or a fun shot with the bridal party. All of those are perfect but we have put together a list of the 10 wedding photos you must have so you have some amazing photos to look back on at your fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Pre-Ceremony Excitement

The emotions you both felt as you got ready for your wedding day with your friends and family is something that is so special. Whether you want some photos of you and your bridesmaids getting your hair and makeup done, or as your mom is helping you to button up your dress, or even a photo of you looking at yourself in the mirror with that look of excitement and nervousness in your eyes, those are some special moments that you are sure to want to look back on years to come.

wedding photos you must have
Photo Credit: Ian Grant Photography (left), Bre Thurston Photography (right)

A Shot Of Your Wedding Dress

You have been so excited for your amazing wedding dress for months and months, and so excited to finally put it on and enjoy your wedding day. So you have to make sure you have a beautiful photo of it hanging before you put it on.

wedding photos you must have, Joanna Moss Photography
Photo Credit: Joanna Moss Photography

Groom Seeing His Bride For The First Time

One of the sweetest memories you will LOVE to remember from your wedding day is the look in your husbands eye when he saw you in your wedding dress for the first time.

blume photography
Photo Credit: Blume Photography

Walking Down The Aisle With Your Father

What a special moment… your father (mother, brother, sister or whoever else you decide to have) walk you down the aisle. You are nervous, excited, teary-eyed… a ball of emotions. So be sure you have your wedding photographer capture that for you to look back on.

wedding photos you must have, Nicole DeJoseph Photography
Photo Credit: Nicole DeJoseph Photography

The First Kiss As Man and Wife

Your first kiss as a married couple. So romantic, so fun (like the couple below!) so of course that is a must-have wedding photo!

Ancelet Photography
Photo Credit: Ancelet Photography

Wedding Photographers

Your Ceremony Exit

This is a beautiful shot that will photo that will have the two of you hand in hand, with a huge grin on both of your faces because you are FINALLY married. Everyone is looking your way… this could also be a wonderful photo to frame in your house!

Manuel Llaneras Photography
Photo Credit: Manuel Llaneras Photography

A Great Bridal Party Shot

Every person who is in your bridal part is special to you both in some way or another. Whether a brother or sister or a best friend, you want to remember the amazing support you both had in your bridal party to help you through your special day.

Crystal Madsen Photography
Photo Credit: Crystal Madsen Photography

Photos With Your Parents

Your parents raised you both to be the people that you are today, and many of them helped to make this amazing wedding happen. Make sure you both get photos with your parents… you will be glad you had those photos one day.

Photography by Meghan Lynn
Photo Credit: Photography by Meghan Lynn

Your First Dance

Your favorite love is playing and you are wrapped in the arms of your new husband… what could be any better? Of course you want to be sure to capture that moment.

wedding photos you must have, Lauren Fair Photography
Photo Credit: Lauren Fair Photography

Your Wedding Send-Off

You have said your “I do’s” and partied the night away at the reception and now it done and it is time for you to have your wedding send-off. Whether you are leaving right away for your honeymoon, or just going to spend some quality time together, your wedding send-off is one to remember and the last in our list of wedding photos you must have!

Southern Jewel Photography
Photo Credit: Southern Jewel Photography

Each one of these wedding moments are truly a must-have photo. Be sure to talk with your photography to give him or her a list of all the wedding photography you want to be sure to get throughout your wedding day. If you have specific shots you want, it is best to talk to them about it before your big day, as there will be so much going on the day off.

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