15 Award Winning Wedding Photos of 2015

We see so many amazing wedding photos every single day and every weekend, more and more gorgeous wedding photos are taken all over the world. Junebug Weddings has released the winners of their annual Best of the Best Wedding Photography Contest where more than 10,000 images were submitted by photographers in 45 countries. Pretty awesome! Today we wanted to share with you 15 of these award winning wedding photos that are simply stunning! Enjoy!

award winning wedding photos, Gabe McClintock
Photo credit: Gabe McClintock
award winning wedding photos, Dina Chmut Photography
Photo credit: Dina Chmut Photography
award winning wedding photos, Amanda Basteen Studio
Photo credit: Amanda Basteen Studio
award winning wedding photos, Jim Pollard Goes Click
Photo credit: Jim Pollard Goes Click
award winning wedding phtos, Twisted Oaks Studio
Photo credit: Twisted Oaks Studio

Patina Photography
Photo credit: Patina Photography
People Producciones
Photo credit: People Producciones
Phan Tien Photography
Photo credit: Phan Tien Photography
award winning wedding photos, Peter Lee of Plus One
Photo credit: Peter Lee of Plus One
Alex Beckett Photography
Photo credit: Alex Beckett Photography

Danelle Bohane
Photo credit: Danelle Bohane
award winning wedding photos, Dan O'Day
Photo credit: Dan O’Day
Danny Dong Photography
Photo credit: Danny Dong Photography
award winning wedding photos, The Apartment Photography
Photo credit: The Apartment Photography
Shari and Mike Photographers
Photo credit: Shari and Mike Photographers

Aren’t these photos simply amazing? Be sure you check all 50 photos from the Junebug Weddings contest here!

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