3 Important Things To Consider Right Away When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding and it one area you do not want to skimp on. Keep in mind that your photos are one of the only tangible items you will have after your wedding to hold onto to; you will want to look back at them with spouse and even children and grandchildren one day. You want to make sure those photos are wonderful and to get wonderful wedding photos, you want to make sure you find your perfect wedding photographer.

Even though there are SO many questions you want to be sure to ask your photographer, today we want to share with the top 3 most important questions that you need to be sure to ask right off the bat when hiring a wedding photographer. If the photographer’s answers to these questions are not what you are looking to hear, then you need to keep your options open and keep on looking so you can find exactly the photographer you want! (And remember that SnapKnot is a great place to start your research)!

Question #1: What is your price?

Price is very important because you want to know up front if you can afford or not afford the photographer you are meeting with. You would hate to fall completely in love with a photographer whose prices are WAY out of your budget; and with as much that goes into planning your wedding, you do not want to waste any time along the way (for you or the photographer)!

Photographers prices can vary depending on many variables including if they have extra help, how many hours they work, the different packages they may offer and so on. Here is a great article to see what makes some wedding photographers cheaper than others.

Joe and Robin Photography
Photo credit: Joe and Robin Photography

Question #2: Do you have my wedding date available?

Another important question to ask right off the bat. If they are already booked up on your wedding day, there is no point in asking anything more… cross them off the list and move on!

hiring a wedding photographer, Joe and Robin Photography
Photo credit: Joe and Robin Photography

Question #3: What is your photography style?

We are sure you have looked at endless wedding photography whether you have been on Pinterest or looking at ideas on Instagram, and you probably have an idea of the type of photos you want to have done. Do you know you want your photos to be more candid but the photographer you are meeting with does more posed shots? Talk to them about the type of photography style they do, and also be sure to ask to see sample photos from past weddings they have worked with. If you find out early on that the photographer’s style does not match your own, it is best that you keep on looking. You never want to ‘hope for the best’ and then end up not liking the photos after your wedding is over.

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We hope when you are trying to find the perfect wedding photographer that you keep these 3 very important questions in mind. And be sure to sign up for a free account with SnapKnot, and we will help get that initial research done for you and match you with photographers in your city and within your budget.

If you are just starting off with all of your wedding planning, download our free wedding planning checklist to help keep you on track!

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