3 Quick Tips for Marketing Your Wedding Photography Business Online

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Today we’re going to share 3 easy tips that you can use for marketing your photography business online. Wedding photographers have a variety of different media available to them when it comes to trying to connect with newly engaged couples, but in a competitive industry and difficult economy, its important to analyze your different options and implement a sound and effective strategy. So how can you use the Internet to bring more traffic to your website and grow your business? Here are three quick and basic tips:

1. Consider your niche

What is it about your wedding photography business that is different than the other photographers in your area? Maybe you provide iPad wedding albums, maybe you specialize in ethnic weddings, or perhaps you’re the only photographer in town who includes boudoir packages. Whatever it is, you should think hard about your niche and begin to think of ways to highlight these characteristics across a significant portion of your online advertising pieces and blog posts. This will help people find you via Google and other search engines (SEO). As brides wade through hundreds of wedding photographer profiles, they all start to look the same unless you have something different to offer. You don’t necessarily have to stand heads and shoulders above the rest, but as long as you stand out in some way from your neighbor you are already way ahead of the game.

2. Consider your image

Everybody knows how important branding is, but when you’re given valuable online real estate to present your wedding photography business, you should really take a step back and consider what you are presenting as your business’s image. This is especially important in the wedding photography industry when you are in fact SELLING your image!

All it takes is 2 minutes on SnapKnot to get an idea of just how many different types of wedding photography styles and skill levels there are out there, and within those 2 minutes its also not hard to figure out the wedding photographers who really took the time to work on their listings and those who slapped together a Free profile as quickly as possible just to get something up there.

Remember, its not just about getting another inbound link to your website or having a mere presence within a listing directory, its about capturing that lead and converting it. So always consider your entire image whenever you present your wedding photography business in an online space, and always give a potential bride legitimate reason to think that you could be the one photographing her wedding!

3. Consider interacting with your target demographic

This point probably deserves its own post, but it’s important enough to mention the basic concept. The beauty of today’s Internet is that it provides a place for you to build a meaningful social connection with your target demographic. Studies clearly show that customers are more likely to purchase services from those that they know and trust, and the foundation of that rests in a meaningful social connection.

If you’re not doing it already, you should consider some simple ways of connecting meaningfully with your target demographic through websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and even posting to wedding forums and other industry specific social networks. As you begin to build your online reputation, more brides will learn about you and consider your services. Yes, this takes time and effort, but it’s just one more way to help market your wedding photography business online.

We hope that you found these 3 simple tips for marketing your wedding photography business online helpful. If you haven’t done so already, please consider adding your business to the SnapKnot community- we’d love to help you put these tips into action!

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