3 Ways to Get Your Photos Shared, Re-shared, and Get Clients

The following is a guest post written by Nikki of MarketMeSuite.

Wedding photos are arguably the most sentimental and important images a couple will ever have and share. Their big day captured forever. This article examines the best ways of getting these special photos seen, shared and even use them to find yourself a new clients. After all, as a photographer, it’s vital that you get your photos out to your audience and going viral is the best way of doing that. This article examines why photo sharing via social media really can help increase your online reputation and get you customers. Here are 3 tools which let you share photo’s and help increase your online photoreputation and thus your client base.

Facebook – The Social Marketing Virus
Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with hundreds of millions of people registered worldwide. Setting yourself up a business photography page and publishing to it really does help you get seen and heard. People use Facebook as a news and gossip tool, a way of sharing information and this is exactly what you want. You want someone to browse your page and go “Wow, that’s an amazing photo!” and be so inspired that they click that priceless “Share” or “Like” icon. Once they have done that, your photo gets shared to their audience who can then “Like” it or share in on to theirs. This is why Facebook is the ultimate viral tool which is clean, safe and excellent free marketing for you with very little effort on your part!

This means your wedding snaps get seen by more and more people each and every day and out of those people will be someone getting married or know someone who is. What better way of getting people’s attention? They see this great photo on Facebook and get in touch about hiring you to immortalise their day. Facebook sharing really does help you pull in leads and clients as your images and details reach so many people with very little effort.

Google Plus – The Viral Network And SEO
Google Plus is the newest of the social networks. It’s also an excellent profile for any business to have and here’s why. Google ranks websites in order of how popular they are, ie, how many times they have been visited. As a business, you want to do everything you can to make sure your website gets visited. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With a G+ page account, you automatically get hard wired to Google. This means if your photos get shared or +1’d, and Google considers this interaction and it impacts on how influential you are in Google and how high up the search results you come in. The more influential you are, the higher up the search pages you go until you are number 1. Being on the front page of the search means you are known to be popular and get seen more! After all, when browsing Google, people hold out most of their hope for the results on the first page. Getting on Google Plus means you can share your work and data, much like you can with Facebook, and at the same time, influence your rank so you get seen and increase your reputation. This means you can pull in so many more clients from the internet just for being popular!

MarketMeSuite – The Social Media Marketing Tool
MarketMeSuite is a free Social Media Dashboard which has a Photo sharing feature called Phto.Me. This is excellent for uploading and publishing photos to all your social media accounts in one go. Whenever you publish a photo via MarketMeSuite, it is automatically added to the official Phto.Me webpage so anyone can see it. and “Like” it on Facebook or Tweet it to their own audiences! MarketMeSuite also has a feature called “Reply Macros”. This is the ultimate search tool. It allows you to find users in your niche and start conversations, and it’s completely user controlled to maintain the highest quality. It helps you increase your follower base and allows you to locate the perfect market for your business by town or city. Select keywords you wish to search for, ie, “Wedding photos”. You can target within 1000 miles of a specific location. All you have to do is add the city, county, zip code, postal code. This way you can target the tweets/Facebook updates etc, close you where you are. It’s no use being a photographer in London yet talking to someone in Africa. This feature eliminates that and means you can search your local town and area as these are the people who will be interacting with you most and being converted into customers!

beta screen shot

(This is a sneak peek at MMS version 4, due out 2012)

Key Take Away
Getting your wedding snaps shared and seen really is what you need as a professional photographer. The tips and ideas above are excellent ways of getting examples of your work out to the masses, and, most importantly, shared by them with their own audience so they spread virally. The more people you are seen by, the more they or someone they know will be likely to hire you. Using tools like MarketMeSuite also helps target your audience so you don’t have to reply only on social networks and good luck. They allow you to find people who need your expertise!

Nikki is the Community Support Manager at MarketMeSuite, the free social media dashboard. She is also assistant editor to MarketMeSuite’s social media blogging website where anyone can write about social media: WeAreSocialPeople.com. In her spare time away from the computer, she rescues cats and chickens!

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