5 Different Groom and Groomsmen Looks We Love

Are you looking for some inspiration for your groom and groomsmen on your wedding day? Do you want them to be more casual or black tie? Did you want to incorporate your wedding colors into the fellas as well? There are so many different looks the men can have for a wedding and we want to show you 5 different groom and groomsmen looks that we love to help give you some ideas.

Check out these 5 different looks below!

This look is perfect if you are wanting a more formal and traditional approach to your groom and groomsmen attire. These black suits look both stylish and crisp… perfect for your more traditional or black tie event.

groom and groomsmen looks, Nicole Berrett Photography
Photo credit: Nicole Berrett Photography

What is not to love about this groom and his groomsmen in their tweed vests with navy suits!?! Very stylish and the colors are spectacular.

groom and groomsmen looks, Emma Boileau Photography
Photo credit: Emma Boileau Photography

This light suit is perfect if you are having a beach or outdoor wedding but still want it to be formal! There are so many colors that would compliment that as well – we love the pale green and pink that the couple below is using for their wedding colors!

groom and groomsmen looks, Photos By Miss Ann
Photo credit: Photos By Miss Ann

Want a more relaxed beach look? Why not have the guys in shorts and a nice loose-fitting top… and make sure they have material that is breathable if it is going to be very hot outside!

groom and groomsmen looks
Photo credit: Pinterest

Want to have a vintage look for your wedding? This is an awesome look for a groom that fits in perfectly with that vintage theme.

groom and groomsmen looks
Photo credit: weddingomania.com

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