5 Things To Consider When Planning A Cruise Wedding

There are so many places to say “I do.” You can find a beautiful hotel ballroom, a unique location like a rustic barn or you could even exchange vows on the beach. Another option for your wedding is on a cruise. If you are thinking about having your wedding on the water, here are 5 things to consider when planning a cruise wedding.

planning a cruise wedding
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1. Consider getting married while the ship is docked in its home port.

Many cruise lines will allow you to invite guests to board the ship for the ceremony and a lunch all together (for example), even if they will not be staying on for the actual cruise. You would just be paying for the event and then of course your honeymoon cruise. Pretty cool option to consider…. just check with the specific cruise line as each and every one may have different rules and regulations.

2. Remember that you may pay an extra fee if it is high season.

Getting married on a cruise is quite popular and some cruise lines will now charge an additional fee for saying “I do” during peak wedding season which is typically from mid-April to September as well on holidays like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

When you are planning your cruise date and the day you will have your wedding, you need to consider this if you want to try and avoid any extra fees you may not want to pay.

3. Getting Married in Port At Another Country Can Be Tricky

If your cruise is taking you to a foreign country, getting married on land at that port can be difficult. Marriage laws vary by country and some even prohibit marrying in a port so you need to do your research before you plan ahead.

4. Have a backup plan in place.

It is not uncommon for a cruise ship to cancel a stop at a particular port due to weather which could be a problem if that is the port you were going to have your wedding. Having a back up plan in place with the cruise ship will be a lifesaver and will keep your stress level at bay if you have some bad weather in the forecast!

5. Remember that you may be more limited saying “I do” on a cruise.

Many cruise lines’ wedding packages offer their wedding services in bundles making your choices much more limited than if you are having a wedding elsewhere, where you would be able to choose from a variety of vendors on land. You may not have a say on the exact flowers you want to use or the type of cake, as cruise ships can be limited. If you do want to have a say in every single aspect of your wedding day, and have strong opinions on what you want, a cruise wedding may not be the best option for you.

We hope you enjoy your wedding planning and that you consider all 5 of these items if you are planning your own on a cruise ship. Do you have a checklist that you are using to make sure you do not miss any important detail of your wedding? Here is our free wedding planning checklist you need to download now!


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