8 Fun Bridal Party Photo Ideas

Your wedding photos will be one of the only keepsakes you have from your wedding day. Looking back at your wedding album, you will want to remember every moment… from the nerves you felt, to the happy tears you shed and all the fun and excitement in between.

We found a great article on Brides.com with 8 fun bridal party photo ideas that you may want your wedding photographer to capture for you. These ideas come straight from photographers themselves and the ideas are different and unique and not something you see all the time in every couple’s wedding album. We hope you enjoy and that they give you a little inspiration for you own wedding photos.

Photo credit: Fred Marcus Studios
Photo credit: Fred Marcus Studios

Here are a few things that Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studios suggests for photos:

1. Dance to the music.

Create a high-energy atmosphere with some upbeat tunes. Playing the bride’s favorite songs is a surefire way to get everyone dancing and laughing.

2. Spell it out.

Steal the chalkboard signs from your photo booth and scribble fun sayings for your bridal party pics. Inside jokes between the friend group, silly nicknames, or a heartfelt wish for the bride from each member of the bridal party are great inspiration.

3. Prop yourselves up.

Brides and their maids can show off some personality with oddball props or funny, custom t-shirts with everyone’s nicknames or the wedding hashtag or slogan.

Here are a few tips from Erin Bhoorasingh of Grand Lens Photography. Erin is also a SnapKnot photographer… check out her profile here. You can also read all about Erin and her love of photography in this Photographer Feature.

4. Get sauced.

Erin has seen brides playfully sit on the bar tabletop “drinking” while the rest of the bridal party is “passed out” around her, imitating a hilarious post-reception scenario.

5. Be VIP.

Groomsmen donning black sunglasses and standing by you clad in your gorgeous gown give off the vibe of being bodyguards. Then, just have your bridesmaids act as crazed fans by trying to reach over the groomsmen to get their hands on you as you coolly walk by.

6. Go retro for a moment.

Remember the opening credits for “The Brady Bunch?” Make it work for your bridal party by taking individual pictures of your bridesmaids looking to the left, right, up, or down with you in the middle. Then put them together in a square-shaped collage with you in the middle.

7. Cover up just for fun.

Another cultural throwback that lends an interesting visual to bridal party shots is masquerade masks. For this one, you can join the bridal and groom’s parties and pose everyone as couples surrounding the bride and groom in different fashions.

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Here is something that Ani Keshishian of Anoush Banquet Halls & Catering suggests:

8. Snag some one-on-one time.

Personalizing photos with each individual bridesmaid is a great way to capture the day. Have each of your maids carry or wear something that reminds you of how you met or a particularly amazing time you had together that you’ll never forget. For your very best friend from college, have her hold a sign with the letters of your alma mater or your sorority. If you played high school sports with one of your bridesmaids, have her throw a volleyball in the air mid-pic. If you jetted off to Paris for a memorable trip with your little sister, have her carry a miniature Eiffel Tower or wear a beret.

We hope these fun bridal party photo ideas have brought you a bit of inspiration for your own wedding day! If you loved this post, here are a few others you may enjoy:


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