8 Marriage Proposal Disasters

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Cosmopolitan delivers, by way of MSN Lifestyle, these stories of 8 Marriage Proposal Disasters:

  1. Undersized ring jammed on finger = trip to the emergency room for Samantha
  2. Eddie put it all out there (including his dinner)
  3. Tim’s surprise was ruined when plans changed
  4. Elise spent 10 minutes digging in the sand for her lost engagement ring
  5. Tricia spoiled the big moment with a fight – about commitment
  6. Jonathan ended up alone on the Jumbotron during his surprise baseball game proposal
  7. Erin got surprised by her family & photos while in PJs with no makeup
  8. New puppies & new rings don’t mix

Be sure to check out the article for all the details. Some real disasters
in there.

Do you have an engagement disaster to share? Hopefully more humorous than tragic!

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