Fairbanks, Alaska Wedding Photographer: Katie Allred

Katie Allred is a ballerina turned wife, mommy and life-loving nerd. She is also one of the most recent additions to our list of Fairbanks, Alaska wedding photographers!

“My history in dance brings an eye for composition and elegance to your memories while my peanut butter-covered kids remind me to keep the moment fresh, fun, and full of your unique personality!”

Alaska Wedding Photographer, Katie Kreations PhotographyHow did Katie’s love for photography develop? When she had her first child, she became obsessed with capturing every nanosecond.

“This is pretty normal for new moms; but I wanted to do more than just make memories- I wanted to make the rest of the world see her through my eyes! A mother’s gaze is the most loving and appreciative in the world, so emotional interpretation became my foundation. I suppose photography is a great outlet for someone who is an emotional, hopeless romantic!”

As far as her photography style, Katie doesn’t like the idea of defining it as it feels so definite and restrictive. In general, she tends to adhere to the prestigious method of “classical Katie”. Basically, she likes to capture candid moments in the style of photojournalism and she likes to coach her clients into finding their most flattering angles from the influence of fashion photography. She also goes for a dose of traditional in her wedding photos.

Alaska Wedding Photographer, Katie Kreations PhotographyOne of Katie’s favorite wedding memories involves a couple that held their wedding on their first anniversary, as they had a courthouse wedding mere weeks before the groom deployed. Their ceremony included a slideshow of their story, their airport partings and greetings amid a sea of uniforms, and quotes from letters they wrote to each other while he was overseas. Katie had a particularly close connection with this event:

“My husband was away for our first deployment as well. I was glad to let the camera cover my face for a bit!”

Alaska Wedding Photographer, Katie Kreations PhotographyKatie has a fun tip for couples beginning their search for a wedding photographer:

“Thanks to Pinterest, this is easy and fun! Research photographers and pin 10-20 images you love. Next, search for five of your favorite or comfort movies that you love, but don’t necessarily know why. Now, jot down some notes for yourself detailing why you like each image and film, then compare them. There is a good chance you’ll find some common connection (such as a poignant emotion, cute prop, fresh pose, or magical lighting.”

Next, Katie explains the importance of getting practical and discussing budget/goals. Do you want beautiful memories framed in your home? Are you hoping for images to share online? Knowing what you want will help you decide on a package, which will help you find a photographer who best suits your desires and your budget.

Alaska Wedding Photographer, Katie Kreations PhotographyKatie donates 20-80% of her profits to local and national non-profits that are geared towards mothers and children, specifically CareNet Pregnancy Center and Fairbanks Youth Advocates.

“Motherhood gave me a strong passion for babies and their mothers; God urged me to turn my passion into purpose in all I do- photography included!”

Katie would like to offer a 5% discount on wedding packages for couples that mention SnapKnot.

To see more images from this Fairbanks, Alaska wedding photographer, visit Katie Kreations Photography.

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