Artistic and Eclectic Photographer: D Coleman Photography

Check out one of the newest additions to SnapKnot’s list of Colorado Springs, Colorado photographersD Coleman Photography! David Coleman is an eclectic wedding photographer whom partners with his wife to capture every moment of a wedding – start to finish.

My name is David Coleman and my wife is Sarah Coleman. We are a husband and wife team and love photography, food, and dogs!

I chose to become a photographer after being asked to photograph my sisters wedding. I enjoyed the creating as well as the intense stress of capturing a once in a lifetime moment.

I have been doing this for a little over eleven years. My style varies depending on what my customer wants, but I am considered an artistic photojournalist. I look for the moments that most do not see and love to remold the photos afterwards not because they need it, but to give my own artistic value to each image captured.

My inspiration is rather eclectic. I watch music videos, old and new, to help me with inspiration in telling a story as well as to keep up with current trends for my younger clients. I absolutely love paintings from the impressionism period. Depth and texture was really pushed during that period and rarely can a photo replicate that.

Wedding stories….hmm, I have several. However, the best one I have is about one of our first brides. She was an amazing and sweet girl that actually hired us after being a little worried about the photographer she had previously booked. The wedding went great, but I found out she was worried on the way to the reception because she didn’t think I took any photos during the ceremony. A few days later, without me knowing this yet, I posted some teasers on our html website and MySpace (it was 2004) and she emailed me that she was so happy and couldn’t believe that she didn’t even realize I was taking photographs that entire time. That’s what I like to hear. This bride went on to move to California and was diagnosed with Cancer and has been fighting it for a few years now with her loyal husband by her side. She recently went into remission and is loving life. The relationships that we get to create with our clients are all different but I can honestly say we have more bride and grooms as friends now than our friends we had before shooting weddings.

Camera Choice?

Canon! Not because it’s better than Nikon (it is), but because that is the camera I learned on and I can operate it with my eyes closed.


If you are a bride and groom looking for a wedding photographer, make sure to see a few weddings from start to finish. One indoor wedding and one outdoor wedding. Amateur photographers can create a 20 image portfolio on Auto mode in the best conditions with a photogenic couple, but a pro can capture dynamic images in the worst conditions and all on Manual.

Fun Facts:

I love to embarrass my 13 year old son in public. I love to play bad-mitten and not ashamed. I love my wife and Chicken ‘n’ Waffles. Oh, and I am a lifelong Broncos fan and when I need to get pumped for a wedding, I listen to Foo Fighters as loud as I can handle it.

If you are a bride and love our photography, email us or call us and I promise you will see that we are also relaxed, not pushy, and very fun to work with!

Check out D Coleman Photography’s “Best of 2011” video for a better look at this eclectic photographer’s work!  You can also visit his website!

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