Artistic Wedding Photography: Michelle and Damien Photography

SnapKnot welcomes Michelle and Damien Photography, our newest members from San Diego, California! This husband and wife team takes pride in their artistic wedding photography style and their ability to balance candid action shots with stunning posed photos. Michelle and Damien understand the importance of a wedding day and want their clients to appreciate the timeless quality of their photography.

bride, groom, kiss, snowy forest

class, bride, groom, kiss, wedding

“We create images that are equal parts timeless and artistic. We want you to keep looking at them, never get tired of them, and be proud of these pictures as the years pass. It’s possible that one day your grandchildren will be looking at these photos.”

ring bearer, smiling, weddingbride, groom, sun kissed, wedding

“It’s our job to make everything look amazing and capture the true emotion of your day. That’s exactly what we do.”

Michelle and Damien Photography are a spectacular team and wonderful addition to our list of San Diego, California Photographers.  They are dedicated to photography and the bride and groom’s satisfaction is their number one priority. Their artistic wedding photography is unique and truly captures every special moment.

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