Awesome Aussie Wedding Style: Polka Dot Bride

polka dot bride

This Friday we’d like to introduce you to Ms Polka Dot, who publishes Polka Dot Bride, a wedding blog focusing on Australia and New Zealand – creative wedding planning style, inspiration, and more!

Ms Polka Dot answered our Q&A below:

Who are you / What’s your story?

I’m Ms Polka Dot and publish Australian wedding blog Polka Dot Bride

Why did you start Polka Dot Bride?

I started the blog because I wanted to share the unique and stunning creations Australian wedding professionals were coming up with. A virtual scrapbook of shorts that turned into something much bigger!

sweet libertine cake

Image credit: Sweet Libertine Cakes

What can brides find at Polka Dot Bride?

Australian & New Zealand wedding content centered on inspiring you to make your wedding your own.

What makes you different from other wedding blogs/sites?

We’re Australian based and focus on local content. We love to mix it up with inspiration from around the world, but primarily, we are a resource for Australian & New Zealand brides.

chenin nick seaside wedding

Image credit: Lilia Photography

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their weddings?

Keep it personal, keep it real. Don’t forget your families but also don’t lose yourselves.

Why should brides avail themselves of online resources like Polka Dot Bride?

I think any wedding blog is a fun addition to a bride’s planning process. There is so much amazing content out there- from great finds to stunning real weddings. Most blogs produce fresh content at least a few times a week and I love that each blog has their own take on weddings.

helen english wedding gown

Image credit: Helen English

Do you have regular categories or features on the blog or is it just as subjects come up?

Nothing is standard at Polka Dot Bride! We have columns that tend to run on the same days, but we have fun posting the unexpected- we know our readers like the surprise of what each day brings too!

Be sure to pay a visit to Polka Dot Bride!

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