Awesome Engagement Party Ideas

Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime event. Once it happens you may have the immediate urge to share this fantastic news with friends and family. In this day and age, it is so easy to jump to social media. You can send a photo, text or even snap chat a photo of the ring. While we at Ring Cam (The engagement ring box that records your proposal) and SnapKnot are all about the photos and videos we wanted to give you a few ideas to share this blessed time in a more personable way. One of these ideas is to throw an engagement party and below you read about some really cool engagement party ideas that we think you will love!

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The History of the Engagement Party

Engagement parties are starting to make a come back in the Northeast. Families used to have these parties to tell their close friends and family about the soon-to-be union. Now-a-days, these party’s have become less of a way to tell everyone and another opportunity to celebrate.

Here are some engagement party ideas to make your own gathering unique:

Surprise Your Guests

Go back to the original roots of the engagement party. Keep the news from friends and family until you invite them to the party or better yet, keep it quiet until they arrive!

Some fun engagement party ideas and ways to announce your engagement include:

1) Have a movie party: sit them all down on the couch, hand out some popcorn and snacks and play the video of your engagement (recorded by the Ring Cam). If you really want to trick them you can even make the beginning of the video look like a movie then randomly cut in to show the engagement surprise. Ring Cam even offers a movie trailer type proposal package.

2) Host a dinner party – Whether you choose to have dinner at your own house, or at a restaurant, for dessert you can bring out a cake or cupcakes that say “ we’re engaged” or “we’re getting married!” Another fun option might be to use place cards or menus for your guests with a photograph from your wedding photographer of the proposal on it.

3) Go out for a night on the town – Bring your family and friends out to your local bar or any place where they have a band or DJ. Near the beginning of the night the DJ can announce the next song as being dedicated to the “newly engaged couple, (insert your names here).” It will be such a fun announcement!

4) Sometimes men choose to have a party right after the proposal where close friends and family are just around the corner or back at the house waiting for the newly engaged couple to arrive. This can be a really fun way to share your engagement and help the moment sink in. Just be careful the secret gets kept by everyone who knows and plans to attend the party!!!

engagement party ideas
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If you are looking for some really creative or unique ideas, here are a few you may love.

1) Tell your friends you are having a murder mystery party and when they show up and have the storyline slowly reveal your engagement.

2) If you are engaged near a holiday or a birthday, throw a big party and announce the news during a special time… for example, at the New Years midnight champaign toast, when everyone is saying their thanks at Thanksgiving, or on Easter by setting up an Easter egg hunt and have all the eggs filled with your announcement! The possibilities are endless.

3) Invite your friends and family to the beach for a beach day or BBQ. Have your announcement written in the sand or sand statue built that says congrats on the engagement with your names or even a statue of a proposal.

4) Have your proposal announced on the big screen at a sports game or a song dedicated to you at a concert.

A Few Things To Remember When You Announce Your Engagement

1) Visit as many people as you can and tell them in person. Want to have some fun? Wait and see if they notice the ring.

2) Call or Skype loved ones that are farther away that you may not be able to visit in person. This way you will be able to hear and see their excitement and they will be able to hear yours!

3) After all of this is shared with close friends and family, post your proposal photos or videos on social media for all to see and be sure to keep these special moments treasured for yourself.


We hope these ideas will help you create the perfect engagement party or announcement. Remember, this is the beginning of your new journey together, and learning how to love each other in sickness and health, richer or poorer, better or worse. Take the time to celebrate and share your love with those you love.

This post has been written from Kerry Boyce with Ring Cam.

Kerry’s Bio: Kerry began working on the blog and social media with Ring Cam in fall 2014. She just graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Hope College. She loves working with the Ring Cam boys (her fellow alumni) and enjoys working with the company because she hears about amazing customer proposal plans, drops off ring boxes to customers, and gets to share in their excitement as they start a new chapter of their life.

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