A Week of Photography Favorites: Beautiful Brides

For all of the countless hours spent on gorgeous wedding decor and delicious treats, there is one thing that will inevitably steal the show even in the most fabulous of weddings: a beautiful bride.

She will obsess for months, possibly years, about how to look on her special day, but whether she decides to wear a traditional gown, a sari, or a heck, a trashbag, every beautiful bride is stunning in her own way.

Without further ado, we are excited to share SnapKnot’s most beautiful brides of 2012, through the lenses of our incredible photographers:

beautiful, bride, courtney, bowlden, photography beautiful, bride, Courtney Bowlden PhotographyBeautiful Bride by Waller Weddings

“Lisa loves the history and style of the 1930’s and with sewing as a family tradition, it’s no surprise to us that she made her own 1930’s styled wedding dress. Definitely unique in style and fit and looks amazing!” 

-Dustin of Waller Weddings

beautiful, bride, Vanessa Joy Photographybeautiful, bride, Marcia Campbell Photographybeautiful, bride, Marcia Campbell Photographybeautiful, bride, Allen Tsai Photography beautiful, bride, window, Allen Tsai Photography

“Kristen loves high fashion, old Hollywood, and Valentino red.” 

– Allen Tsai Photography

beautiful, bride, Tim Otto Photography A beautiful bride by Ian Johnson of Stockholm Weddingsbeautiful, bride, Paired Images

“Rukshani looked gorgeous on her wedding day! She was married in mid July at Stone Manor Country Club in Maryland. It was hot and the ceremony was outside. But she kept calm and cool. Between her flawless skin and the amazing makeup artist/hair stylist she hired, Jody Rusnak, it was perfection.”

– Jess of Paired Images

beautiful, bride, Vickers Photo beautiful, bride, Nathan Moreau Photographybeautiful, Indian, bride, Amulya Nagaraj Photography

“She is the anti-thesis of what a bride is supposed to be. Demure, shy, feminine, were not words that would be used in relation to her. But when she sat there, draped in the traditional red, vermilion on her forehead, she was the embodiment of the Indian Bride. Her face is a mirror of all her emotions- the surprise, the joy, the overwhelming realization that this was the moment of truth  and her life as she knew it, would change forever”

– Amulya Nagaraj Photography

From left to right, top to bottom: Courtney BowldenWaller Weddings, Vanessa Joy Photography, Marcia Campbell Photography, Allen Tsai Photography, Tim Otto Photography, Stockholm Weddings, Paired Images, Vickers Photo, Nathan Moreau Photography, Amulya Nagaraj Photography.

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