Best Casual Engagement Photos

A unique perspective makes the best casual engagement photos. It might be a thoughtful gaze at a ring on her finger, or the way light and shadow accent a sincere smile. Sometimes it is an interaction, the way two people share a private moment. The skilled photographer finds an artistic expression of the inner feelings; it is the artistry of capturing a mood. To catch a scene that does not recur, involves an element of chance; there is a greater influence from expertise, to get the scene in the camera as it appeared in reality. It is the remarkable ability to capture the essence of the scene in the lens.

Joanna Moss PhotographyJoannaMossPhotography_engagement6JoannaMossPhotography_engagement9
Joanna Moss Photography


Spontaneous And Unrehearsed
Unposed settings make up some of the best casual engagement photos. Thoughtful and introspective poses work well for everyone; however, they must be reflective of the individual. A bright sun filled photo might be the best way to show hair and eye color, subtle light might be best for photos which reflects more loving gazes. Natural movements and heartfelt expressions are what the expert casual engagement photographers look for. You want to preserve moments that will create memories you can share and and in the future.


Cindy Dover Photography
Cindy Dover Photography

Shadowing Lights

Carrie Jean Photography


Feelings That Can Be Seen
The best casual engagement photos are about feelings, a couple planning a life of happiness together. It is a hopeful and optimistic time. Commitment has a serious side too, and emotions likely run deep which is hard to capture. All of these appear from the artistic perspective, in candid expressions, the way one looks at that special person. The photographer tries to find those spontaneous expressions that seem only to arise in moments of togetherness.


Frances Morency Photography


Capturing The Best
For the best casual engagement photos, the photographer must use his or her sense of the subjects and surroundings. A person with a bright disposition and an infectious smile would be at their best in photos that engage the viewer, perhaps as in real life, a smile that provokes a smile. The ideal engagement photos are those that friends and family will buzz about because they capture the sense of the future bride or groom. The art of photography involves more than lights and focus settings and it requires an ability to see a slice of life through the lens and then capture it for eternity.

Cindy Dover PhotographyCindy Dover Photography
GoldenVisionPhotography_engagements5Golden Vision Photography
JustinaLouisePhotography_Engagement3 JustinaLouisePhotography_Engagement25Justina Lewis Photography
LeahValentinePhotography-engagement-017 LeahValentinePhotography-engagement-022 LeahValentinePhotography-engagement-023Leah Valentine Photography

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