Best Colors for Engagement Pictures

You are getting ready for your engagement session and trying to figure out what outfits will look the best and what you should wear. What are the best colors for engagement pictures? Is it best for you and your fiancé to wear the same colors or different? Will the photos not look as great if we wear an outfit with a print or pattern?

What you wear in your photos is just as important as all the other details (like location, posing, and lighting) that go into taking the best photos. If you choose to wear clothing that is not camera friendly, the photos may not turn out as wonderful as you had hoped.

We wanted to give you a quick guide on the best colors for engagement pictures and some other good information to think about when planning your outfits for your photo session.

Pick a Color Palette

Figure out what 2-3 colors you want to wear in the photos and then work both of your outfits around that color palette. Do you want to wear jeans and be casual or be more dressy? Once you decide that, then you need to figure out what colors you want to stick with.

Ronald and Monica in the photos below, who were photographed by Marie Angela Photography, chose simple colors of black, grey, and white, and added layers and fun accessories that really stand out in their photos… all of these are tips that we mention below. These are such great colors for engagement pictures!

What Colors Work Best?

You can choose either light or dark tones, whatever colors you like best, and what complements you the best. Here are a few color palettes we think would be great options for your photos:

  • Grey and various shades of pink
  • Blue and yellow
  • Tan, light blue, and brown
  • Dark blue and dark green
  • Dark green, navy, and burgundy
  • Tan, light olive green, and denim
  • Black, grey, and white (or try any other color in replace of grey… think red, pink, blue?)
  • Dark purple, light purple, and denim

These photos by Carrie Jean Photography are so great with the couple in neutral colors that are very complimentary. This shows that denim can go with pretty much anything!

A Few Other Clothing Tips To Keep In Mind

Keep in Mind The Season: Even though you have to keep in mind the best colors for engagement pictures, it is also good to keep in mind the season you are taking those photos. Are you having your engagement session in the winter? Some layered clothing looks great like a jacket or fun scarf… that will also keep you warm! Or, are your photos falling in the spring or summertime? If so, it may not be the best option if you want to wear your favorite boots.

Also, depending on where you live and what the weather is like on a daily basis, try to plan ahead. Are you taking your photos outdoors no matter what and you live in a very rainy place like this rainy Seattle engagement session?

These photos below from Melissa Bliss Photography were taken in the fall and used the amazing colors of the leaves changing on the beautiful campus of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Solid Colors Are Nice But Do Not Be Afraid Of Prints: Solid colors are always great because they keep it simple, but we are not saying that you do not need to have any patterns. Do you have a beautiful dress with flowers that just looks amazing on you and you have always wanted to wear it? Have your fiancé wear a solid color that compliments the dress. Or, does he have a plaid shirt that makes him look so handsome? No problem! As long as your partner balances the print with a solid color to even things out a bit… but, do not wear any logos, fabrics, or loud patterns that will distract the photo away from your face.

Matt and Allie, photographed by Leah Valentine Photography, did a great job picking their colors and even though he wore a plaid shirt, Allie’s dress complimented the colors in his shirt and they look great!

Add a Pop of Color: Are you wearing neutral colors that you feel may seem a bit plain? Why not add a pop of color? A bright scarf like in the photos below by Shelby Schmidt Imagery, will help out by adding that bit of color that you are looking for and can really stand out. A few other great ideas to add some color would be with jewelry or some bright heels.

Layers Are Great: Many clothes look great when layered, so perhaps try and add a cardigan, blazer, or jacket to finish up your look. You can even have some of your photos with your jacket on, and then take it off for a slightly different look for a few other poses. Another reason to love layers is that they can hide any problem areas you may not want to flaunt in your photos. Some other layers to consider are accessories like a vest, a belt, or large jewelry, which help give that something extra to your outfits.

Zack and Joanna look so great in their photos taken by Dodge Imagery at Post Office Square in Boston. They did great with layering their outfits! She has a great blazer on and then used a fun scarf in her second outfit. Zack looks great as well with his collared shirt and sweater. She even adds a fun pop of color in each photo with her green shoes and her beautiful pink dress.

Choose Clothing that Flatters You: Of course, you want to make sure that you wear what you look the best in. If you are fair-skinned, and you are taking your photos in the spring, remember that those bright fun spring colors tend to wash out pale skin, so pastel or neutral tones may be best. If you are darker skinned, bright colors look great.

Colette and Jaye took their photos in downtown Pittsburgh and Amanda Brisco Photography used the beautiful city skyline along with the bright colors of the bride to capture some beautiful photos.

Be Yourself: You should always be yourselves. Is your happy place on the beach? Why not take your photos right on the sand? Or, maybe you both have fun-loving personalities and just love playing at a carnival or theme park? The couple below had their engagement session at Coney Island and were photographed by J&R Photography. They had a blast playing carnival games, eating snacks, and walking the beach.

There are many choices for the best colors for engagement pictures and we hope our tips on what to wear have been helpful for you if you are planning your upcoming engagement session.

You can always find inspiration for other colors and outfit ideas on our real engagements. Also be sure to read about engagement photo prop ideas, and engagement photo basics, and check out these engagement photo ideas to help you plan and have the best photo session you can.

Do you have any really great color ideas for engagement photos? We would love to hear below!

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