How To Do The Best Wedding Photography Advertisement

Having that perfect eye for photography is awesome and can really do you well in the gigantic wedding industry of today. Being able to know how and where to find the most perfect moments and to capture that exact second so it can be forever remembered by a bride and groom is such a special thing. Now, as a photographer, you need to be able to promote your keen eye for those moments with wedding photography advertisement.

As most everyone who owns a business knows, advertising is very important. It is how you get your company name out there to your potential customers. It is important to make sure you set aside a certain amount of marketing dollars every year as part of your business costs because you do not want to end up empty handed with nothing extra to spend on advertising yourself and the awesome work you do.

You can do wedding photography advertisements in so many different ways. We wanted to pull together a list of all the possible advertising you can do so… some that is even FREE, and what business owner doesn’t like free advertising?

Build A Website That Showcases Your Work

In today’s internet savvy world, having a nice and well-put together website is very important for customers. If someone is looking for local photographers and wants to find out more about your business on your website, but then you do not have an online presence, they may be swayed from contacting you at all. Having a website is a great way to advertise your work. You can show off many of the photos you have taken, can include a bio about yourself and your background and even include details on products you offers, packages and pricing.

Make sure that if you have a website, you update it on a regular basis and add additional photos and details about your company as things change. It also may be a great idea to have a blog that provides advice for brides to refer to when they are planning their wedding and different types of photos they will want to take.

Do you need to build a website? There are lots of platforms you can use. A couple examples include WordPress and Squarespace.

wedding photography advertisement

Join Wedding Listing Services Like SnapKnot

There are many wedding listing services you can pay to have a listing on and these are important because when a bride and groom first gets engaged, these listing are where many couples go to start looking for their perfect wedding vendors. For example, if you are a SnapKnot member, couples will come onto the site and will be included in our Lead-Match System where they will be matched with photographers that meet their wedding photography needs such as location and budget.

(If you are not yet a member of SnapKnot, we do offer photographers a FREE one-month trial so you can check out our service, create a profile for your company and get started being matched with couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer.

wedding photography advertisement

Get Social

If your business is not on social media, you are missing out on so many FREE avenues to get the word out about the product that you offer. Social media is perfect for interacting with potential clients, or is even great to keep in touch with past clients who may refer you to friends or family when someone they know is looking for wedding photography.

There are so many different social media sites out there, and they are constantly changing, so which ones are worth taking the time to update regularly?

  • Facebook – Facebook is very popular and great place for photographers. It is a place you can interact with people and keep your clients (or potential clients) up to date on things you have going on. Do you have a great discount that you are offering or did you just photograph the most amazing wedding? By continuing to post regularly about your work and your business, you are keeping your business in the front of your followers minds. So, when the time comes that they, or someone they know, needs to book a photographer, you may be the first person they think of.  You can include links to that website of yours that we talked about earlier, or great blogs you have written, as well as photos and  videos.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a great place to communicate updates, products and new things your company is offering. It is also a great place to see what the buzz is about your company. You can type in your company name (or your competitors) and see what types of things people have said about you.
  • Instagram – Photography is obviously very visual and so is Instagram so it is a win/win for wedding photographers. Instagram is also a very popular social site therefore a great way to market yourself and show off your gorgeous photos to soon-to-be brides and all other potential clients. (Also be sure to read our post on great Instagram tips for photographers!)
  • Pinterest – Another great avenue for sharing your beautiful photos! Pinterest is HUGE, especially for brides and you will even find those who are not married with boards about their dream wedding so you most definitely want to make sure you are on Pinterest and you pin your work anytime you can.

Also, do not forget about Google+, StumbleUpon and Tumbler. And LinkedIn is also a great place to promote yourself with other industry professionals.

Do you follow SnapKnot on Instagram? Make sure you do… we post some great photos from wedding photographers!

wedding photography advertisement

Attend Bridal Shows

What better way than to market yourself than to meet with brides who are actively planning their wedding? The perfect place to do that is by attending bridal shows. You can have sample photos and albums to share with those brides you meet, and it is always beneficial to have that face to face contact…. if a bride and you connect and get along right away, she will remember you when the time comes to start booking her wedding photographer. A bridal show is also a great place you can hand out discounts or let each bride know about your packages or deals you offer.

A giveaway is also a great idea to do at a bridal show. If you have every bride who visits your booth sign up with their email address and contact information to win a free bridal portrait session, you get all those email addresses to add to your database… and you make one lucky bride who wins very happy!

Even we at SnapKnot go to bridal and photography shows! Having a nice booth with great photos and something that you can hand out to each bride will help to remind them of who you are later on… how perfect!

wedding photography advertisement

wedding photography advertisement

So are you doing all the wedding photography advertisement methods to help promote your business already? If so, than good for you!!!! If not, no worries, you can start planning ahead for your business next year and try and focus on doing all of these awesome advertising methods so you can get your great name out there for all the bride and grooms who are looking to find their perfect wedding photographer!

Are you new to the wedding photography industry? Check out these tips on setting up a photography business. Also, be sure to read our post on business photography business mistakes and how to avoid them!

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