Elegant Black Ballet Themed Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Inspiration can come to you anywhere and anytime! For this black ballet themed wedding, it all started with a selfie of bride Gloria Shih in a beautiful black dress to get the ideas flowing.

Thanks to one of her bridesmaids, she decided that the love she has for ballet should be represented throughout her wedding. We couldn’t agree more because the wedding photography is simply stunning!

At the same time, she didn’t forget her groom! Gloria also incorporated the love her soon-to-be husband has for video games. She describes the planning behind their big day in a few words:

“To make sure my husband’s love of video games is also represented in our wedding, we searched online for someone to create custom Animal Crossing character cake-toppers for us, as that’s our favorite game to play together. We were so grateful that Geek Mythology Craft’s GeeksatHeart shop on Etsy was willing to work with us to bring our adorable game avatars to life. With these subtle personal touches sprinkled throughout our wedding, we feel it truly represented everything we love on an unforgettable day. “

Both the bride and groom in this wedding incorporated two things they love to create their special day. Sasha Chou, who the couple chose as their wedding photographer, was able to capture it and we hope you love these photos as much as we did!

Here is a bit more from the bride:

“I have to credit my very observant bridesmaid Shelley for giving our wedding a cohesive theme. One of the first things she said to me after seeing a selfie of me wearing the black BCBG dress I’ve been raving about was that she could see why I love it: it’s very balletic and very me. She’s well aware of how obsessed I am with ballet (I still take classes at the Joffery Ballet School) and that my now-husband is a fan of the art form, so a ballet-inspired wedding seems to be a natural fit for us. Our theme was actually very helpful in guiding all our other decisions — from using bolts of tulle to decorate our venue, posing in ballet positions for some photos, to choosing our processional music that would fit in a ballet class.”

We would like to thank Sasha Chou for sharing this unique and beautiful wedding with us! If you would like to see more from her, check out her site: http://sashachouphoto.blogspot.com/.

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