What to Wear for Your Bridal Boudoir Photos: 8 Wardrobe Ideas

So, you want to surprise your hubby with gorgeously seductive boudoir photos of yourself. The hardest part (working up the nerve to commit) is over, and now you’re presented with the challenge of what to wear. Well, worry not, our team of expert photographers is here to give you a few ideas to make your bridal boudoir photos delightfully memorable and totally you!

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8 Wardrobe Ideas for Your Bridal Boudoir Photos

1. Sports apparel boudoir photos

bride wearing sports apparel for boudoir session

“Does your fiance love sports? Impress him with boudoir photos of you in nothing but a jersey from his favorite team and cute undies!”

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2. A simple sweater or cami boudoir photo

happy bride wearing a simple sweater for boudoir photoshoot

“Don’t feel like you have to wear lingerie. An open blazer or a loose-knit sweater with nothing underneath can be just as sexy and it leaves more to the imagination”

3. Wedding night lingerie boudoir photos

bride posing, wearing her night lingerie

“You don’t have to be wearing white – I love the added drama of using the wedding night lingerie that could be something blue, or another added pop of color that you might be using as a wedding color.”

4. Or any lingerie

boudoir photoshoot of bride in bed wearing lingerie

5. A bed sheet for boudoir photos

black and white photo of bride almost naked, holding a bed sheet

6. A white business shirt and/or tie

sexy bride wearing a white business shirt on the couch

“Sure, many of your photos will include sexy lingerie. Why not shift things up for your boudoir photos by wearing something nontraditional, such as an oversized white business shirt and his favorite tie (possibly one you gave him as a gift)? Hot!”

7. Props for boudoir photos

sexy bride photoshoot in bed

8. Accessories

a beautiful bride in a lace robe lies in bed on a veil. the morning before the wedding. beautiful and sexy clothes and underwear

“Make your boudoir photo shoot personal. Bring things that mean something to you, or to you both as a couple. Your veil, your garter, your wedding shoes, a special piece of jewelry that he gave to you… all of this can really make the boudoir photos special.”

– Brooke Summer Photography

“Consider including items such as masks, see-through fabrics, unique-looking hats, high heels, necklaces, etc. in your boudoir shoot. Use your imagination and dream big!”

– Angelica Roberts Photography

sexy caucasian bride standing in front of the full-length mirror, dressed in white nightie, wreath, with bouquet of flowers, vertical

“Don’t be afraid to use your veil for more than one day – it can add a powerful prop to play with that also means a lot to you. Think about your other wedding day’s details, such as shoes and jewelry also – they add personality and another special touch when looking back at your images.”

– London Girl Images

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