A New Trend: Boudoir Wedding Photos // Art of Seduction

There is a new trend in the wedding world; something a little sultry and intimate.  More and more brides are taking boudoir wedding photos and giving them to her groom as a gift, and Art of Seduction knows all about it!

Located in Chicago, Illinois, 10-year photographer Argentina Leyva owns the boutique boudoir studio.  Argentina discovered photography while going through a major life change, and it helped her to focus on herself and what she really loves: giving beautiful and meaningful things to people around her. Three years ago, she was happily sucked into doing boudoir, and hasn’t looked back since.

Boudoir Wedding Photos from the Art of SeductionThe art of boudoir can be very sensual and  sexy. The Art of Seduction focuses on the subject’s sensuality and emotion in a classy manner.  Often times the photo-shoot can be both liberating and emotional for the brides!

“The best experience I have is when a client sheds tears of empowerment when she sees herself as a beautiful and sensual creature.  This is the moment she realizes that the images are more than a gift to her loved one, they are a lifetime reminder of how beautiful, confident, and powerful she is.”

Boudoir Wedding Photos from the Art of Seduction  Boudoir Wedding Photos from the Art of SeductionThis photographer also knows what it feels like to be in front of the camera.  Every so often Argentina will have a boudoir session of her own to remind herself of what it feels like to be vulnerable.

“While someone may be my 500th client, for her, it’s the first time and she is vulnerable.”

She advises any bride who would like to take boudoir wedding photos to book 10 weeks in advance of delivery and prepare, prepare, prepare! Be the best that you can be on the day that you shoot!

Boudoir Wedding Photos from the Art of SeductionBoudoir Wedding Photos from the Art of SeductionIf you are interested in checking out more boudoir wedding photos, you can visit the Art of Seduction‘s website!



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