Bridal Beauty Tips – Look Picture Perfect on your Wedding

Every bride wants to be picture perfect on her wedding day! Here are some bridal beauty tips from Suzan Hall, Suzan Hall is a professional blogger and possesses a good knowledge of the wedding venues in Long Island. Her other interests include Wedding, event planning and design, wedding decor, party ideas, and more!

Looking picture perfect at your own wedding is hard to do with all that is going on during the day! And it is not because you are not pretty enough to carry the look or your make up or hairdo lacks perfection, but often it is the time and the lighting that matters. But since, it is not in your hands, you can help yourself by looking your best. Help yourself with these wedding bridal beauty tips:

Relax Your Face

Weddings can be extremely tiring and in the end it shows on your face. Those killer shoes may make your feet blister. And all these reasons give way to furrowed brows, squinting eyes and a stiff smile.
Close your eyes, let your lips fall back into place and relax your facial muscles. Set a comfortable zone with your photographer, so that you don’t give him any odd pictures.

bridal beauty tips, Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography
Photo credit: Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography

Smile With Your Eyes

Some poses are trendy especially for bridal-party pictures. Smile with your eyes, grinning from ear to ear in a picture is not so natural. I know it is not easy for all brides, but you can schedule your photo session at such a time when you have enough time to play with your face. This can help you avoid having a limp face.

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Photo credit: Brenda Hoffman Photography

Go Easy On The Bronzer

Though you like that bronzed look and you even look beautiful with it. But, when it comes to photography, the camera tends to get a little crazy while picking up yellow and oranges. If you look just perfectly sun-kissed in real life, you may look like a carrot in reel life. Similarly, glitter and other luminescent lotions can end up looking like sweat, not sparkle, in pictures.

bridal beauty tips, Nice Guys Photography
Photo credit: Nice Guys Photography

A Picture Perfect Wedding Venue

It is so important to remember that it matters what the background is when and where you get photographed. Landscapes or extravagant wedding venues, like these in Long Island, look just perfect in pictures. A gorgeous background will compliment your look to a great extent. So, before choosing your wedding venue, make sure you inspect it thoroughly, not only for great locations for your ceremony and reception, but also for perfect spots to take your wedding photography. For example, the beautiful gardens of Leonard’s Palazzo, in the photo below, is simply gorgeous!

Leonards Palazzo
Photo credit: Leonards Palazzo

A Perfect Hair Style

A perfect hair style depends on the bride. Your face shape makes a difference in what the best hair style is for you. For some, keeping your hair down can make a bride feel more comfortable because it hides your unwanted attributes – if there are any, of course!

Remember that, not all hair stylists are the same and each one has their specialties. If you want a perfect bun, make sure you hire a hairstylist who specializes in buns. A bun that is more messy and not so perfect is also a fun style and looks just awesome on a wedding day. And make sure you pair up your hairdo with a flower tiara instead of regular metal tiaras to bring a softer, more feminine, look.

bridal beauty tips, Juno Beach Photography
Photo credit: Juno Beach Photography

 Practice A Few Poses In Advance

Practice makes perfect! Until the big day arrives, you can try out many poses that are perfect so you will have perfect pictures on your special day. Watch bridal photo shoots or some modeling videos.

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