Your Best Bridal Portraits: Tips from the Pros

Have you ever wondered how some brides always look gorgeous in pictures? Are you curious about what their tricks are or what you’re supposed to do to maximize your bridal portraits? Our SnapKnot photographers shared some of their most trusted tips with us so that you will have frame-worthy bridal portraits to decorate your walls for years to come.

Before you begin, take a note from Vancouver, Canada wedding photographer, Evelyn Ford:

“Arrange for someone to bring healthy snacks and bottled water to the photography session. It’s been a long time since breakfast and many weddings are in the heat of the summer. You want to stay energized and hydrated to look and feel your best.”

Gorgeous bride in white bridal gown standing at the window at home
beautiful bride sitting on a chair with her log white wedding dress.

Makeup and Beauty

“Assign a ‘detail watcher’. Ask one of your bridesmaids to stay close to you during the bridal portrait session. She can help fluff up your train, carry extra lip gloss, tissues, blotters, etc, and assist with your veil, which leaves the photographer’s assistant free to help with posing and lighting. She can also act as a great second set of eyes to make sure your necklace clasp is in the back and undergarments aren’t showing, so you can rest easy. Just make sure she’s quick with any adjustments like makeup touch-ups, so you don’t run behind.”

Kristin Griffin Photography

“I always suggest to my brides that they reapply makeup during the day very carefully. Always lean way over when applying lipstick. I heard of a horror story where the lipstick broke off and rolled down the front of the wedding dress and there was no way to get the stain out.”

– Evelyn Ford Photography

 a bride adorned in a wedding gown and veil with her bridal bouquet on hand.

the marriage ceremony of an attractive pair taking place in an opulent indoor setting.


“Don’t overdo the dip. Many grooms dip their brides for a photo to an uncomfortable-looking position. It doesn’t take much to look like a classic dip.

– Evelyn Ford Photography

“Don’t have good posture; at least not in the way you were taught in gym class. Women are built differently than men and consequently should hold themselves differently in pictures. Rather than stick out your chest, think about drawing your shoulders in and down your back. You will look effortlessly beautiful in just about any position.”

“Also, no ‘claw hands’; although your new hubby may be the most handsome man in the world, try not to grab hold of him in your pictures. You want to have beautiful soft hands in all your bridal portraits. Also, try to keep your middle and ring fingers together and softly separate your pinky and first finger. (Go ahead and try it now!) It is a simple way to keep your hands looking as stunning as your new ring!”

-Deanna Seiple of Cherryville Photography

A beautiful sunlight highlights the foliage and highlights this bride and groom as he dips her for a kiss following their wedding ceremony.
Beautiful wedding couple posing in garden


“Ditch the shoes, not the shot! As sweat starts to soak through your groom’s undershirt, and your toes pinch in alarming pain, the idea of you both in a “romantic” embrace on the other side of that lake while the sun sets becomes less than picture-perfect. Wear comfy shoes and give your groom the gift of secondary shirts (outer and under) to put on before going to the reception so he’ll be cool, comfy, and cooperative!”

– Chris Mader of TWA Photographic Artists

“Think about your shoes. While it is true that your shoes really won’t show for most of the night, a good photographer will pay attention to them. Don’t be afraid to try a little color; pink or red shoes poking through the bottom of your gorgeous white wedding gown are an amazing accent. You can even put a little message on the bottom of shoes in jewels like ‘I DO’.”

– Deanna Seiple of Cherryville Photography

A recently married young couple sits on the floor against a gray background, wearing comfortable shoes.
the lovely bride striking a lying pose on the ground.

“Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer ‘That’s just not me.’ You need to feel comfortable in your bridal portraits and while your photographer may have a pose that looks absolutely stunning with another bride; it may just feel ridiculous to you. Everyone is unique and has her own personality. You don’t want pictures that don’t represent who you really are, and a good photographer doesn’t either. Communicating with your photographer will help you to get those amazing portraits you’ve always dreamed of!”

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