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The most recent blog to catch our attention is BridePOP, a wedding blog written by a group of brides, providing wedding-related content of all sorts – funny, inspirational, noteworthy – for your enjoyment. Learn more about BridePOP:

Who are you / What’s your story?

We are BridePOP. Officially, BridePOP is a forward thinking blog about wedding-related topics written by a community of brides and brides-to-be in all stages of planning. The blog was started by two friends, Michael Eller and Ryan Deal who joined forces to use their knowledge of weddings and social media to launch an alternative wedding blog for the
wedding industry.

Why did you start BridePOP?

Brides are changing, and so are their interests, and we wanted to provide a fun and different way of viewing the wedding world.

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What can brides find at BridePOP?

Brides can expect to find a few things at BridePOP. First, they can find ideas and inspiration for their own wedding. We have over a dozen writers crawling the Internet for fun and unusual finds for weddings. Second, they can expect to have fun. We LOVE showing our readers the fun, and sometimes offbeat stuff we find about weddings. This means you may see a post about a Flintstone Wedding, or a post about a wedding dress…that you can eat.

What makes you different from other wedding blogs/sites?

What makes us different from other wedding blogs or sites is our approach. We believe in giving brides, as well as others, a diverse range of content. We want a larger demographic to see the art, fun, and addicting nature of weddings. We are also in the process of building a guide for brides who are seeking out wedding professionals. We are excited not only for our brides, but for wedding professionals as well. We believe our approach to the guide is a bit different, and can’t wait to show it to the world.

Do you have any advice for brides planning their weddings?

Our advice would be to exhaust your online resources and do your research. There are so many great wedding professionals out there, and so many great ideas for weddings, it’s worth spending time to find them.

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Image credit: Zero Gravity Wedding

Why should brides avail themselves of online resources like BridePOP?

Brides should spend time on our site and other wedding blogs because you can practically plan your whole wedding using these types of resources. From just a few different blogs, you can not only find ideas and inspiration for your wedding, but links to find the right professionals available for hire to help make your wedding what you dream it to be.

Do you have regular categories or features on the blog or is it just as subjects come up?

At BridePOP we are trying to mix things up a bit. We definetly have a few favorite regulars that we like to showcase, but we also love pushing out content that we feel may help put a different spin on the planning process. Who knows, as silly as a Flintstone Wedding post may seem, maybe there is something from the post that inspires someone in the planning process. Maybe they do want to have a wedding with cut off tank tops, and rock bats as flowers. Ok Ok, maybe not the rock bats part. :)

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Image credit: Clane Gessel

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