Fabulous Florals: 15 Bright Wedding Bouquets

For those waiting on pins and needles for the final installment in our wedding bouquet series, the time has come! And believe us, we saved the best for last. In honor of summer’s impending arrival, we thought we would share our top 15 images of bright wedding bouquets. Get your shades out, because we have some pretty brilliant mixes for you!

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The modest yet elegant wedding bouquet is made up of pink, white, red, and purple orchids.
The wedding bouquet looks fresh in green and blue details when coupled with the bridesmaids' blue colored wedding gown.

Above left: “I am seeing brides giving more freedom to their florist and allowing them to create a bouquet to fit the mood of the event. Like this one below, the bride had a bright, fun, indoor/outdoor summer wedding with a steel drum at cocktail hour and a rockin’ dance party. The uniqueness of her bouquet is not something the bride would have chosen but it definitely fits the mood.”

– Misty Enright Photography

Wedding bouquets of white roses and purple orchids extend a sense of elegance to the ceremony.
A fresh sunflower bridal bouquet with blue ribbon and pearls is ideal for an outside wedding celebration.
Another sunflower bridal bouquet, but this time with small orange flowers and greenery.
While holding her waist, the bride kisses her groom on the cheek. The bride is holding a large bridal bouquet of gorgeous roses in white, orange, peach, and yellow.
The bride is holding a bouquet of vibrant summer flowers, including roses, lilies, and greens.
The bridesmaid holds a bouquet of yellow, red, and orange daisies with blossoming chrysanthemum.
this simple vibrant bouquet is made of lovely red daisies, clematis, chrysanthemum and dahlia flowers.
the bridesmaids' bouquets were filled with bright pink, purple, and green blooms.
the bride showing of her stunning and colorful bridal bouquet
this lovely bouquet consist of big colorful roses, hydrangeas, peonies and some green colored blossoms.
a variety and eye-catching wedding bouquets of roses, lilac, and peonies.

Below left: “With her bridesmaids in simple, black dresses, Liz knew they needed bouquets that popped!  Both her bouquet and the bouquets of her bridesmaids contained bright pink, purple, and green blooms!”

– Kristin Griffin Photography

the bouquet is made of purple chrysanthemum, violet roses, peonies and some light green flowers.
Dahlias, Spray Roses, Poppy Pods, Stock, and Green Dianthus make up the bride's bouquet.

Above right: “Meaghan and Prital’s wedding was full of color and whimsy thanks to Liza at DBI Events.  The bride’s bouquet consists of Dahlias, Spray Roses, Poppy Pods, Stock, and Green Dianthus.  The bridesmaids all held Dahlias, Spray Roses, and Green Dianthus.”

– Paired Images

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