Canadian Wedding Photographer Based out of Saskatoon: Tobi-Dawne Smith of TD Photography

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to Tobi-Dawne Smith of TD Photography. This Canadian wedding photographer is passionate advocate for justice and equality, and very much believes in the beauty of the individual.

“My work as a photographer really is another extension of that…a way to celebrate our unique gifts and qualities.”

Tobi-Dawne doesn’t believe photography was something that she exactly “chose”. In fact, she started her life in the arts on stage. She sang, acted, danced- what some would call a triple threat. Tobi-Dawne ended up getting sick, at which point she changed her focus to the visual arts versus the performing arts. Even then she didn’t choose photography. Rather, she studied painting and drawing at the university level, and spent a number of years afterwards working as a professional artist specializing in conte and acrylic work.

“I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I felt driven to take my work further, into a more documentary field. I picked up a camera and I never looked back. There are a lot of photographers taking “pretty” pictures of nothing, but there are just as many of us looking beyond the surface for something more.”

Canadian Wedding Photographer, TD PhotographyTobiDawne describes herself as a “life photographer”.  While some people use the term “lifestyle photography”, it’s really more than that, she explains.

“My work is a celebration of life, of love, of all we value and hold true.  And my artwork goes even further to question why it is society finds value in those things.”

Tobi-Dawne has a journalistic approach, but at the same time, because of her own personal history, she brings different skills to the table than many. Her years being front and center on the stage, as well as her time as an advocate and activist have given her a unique perspective on life.

Canadian Wedding Photographer, TD PhotographyCanadian Wedding Photographer, TD Photography Canadian Wedding Photographer, TD PhotographyCanadian Wedding Photographer, TD PhotographyTobi-Dawne considers herself very blessed for having the opportunity to photograph weddings.

“Generally speaking my work is filled with love and laughter. I get to know my couples pretty well, and we share all sorts of inside jokes.  I have a lot of fun shooting weddings. They are a ton of work, but are so worth it.  They really are days full of honesty – and that’s what it’s all about.  Emotion, out there, for all to see and experience. They are a thrill to photograph.”

Tobi-Dawne has a ton of great advice for couples just beginning their search for a wedding photographer:

“Basically it boils down to two things; you need to have someone with whom you “click” (gotta love a camera pun), and who’s work speaks to you.  Your photography, done right, can become a legacy…  and finding someone you enjoy being around is vital.  Your photographer can add to your day, or detract from it.  Find someone you could imagine having as a friend, someone who you’ll enjoy spending the day with.”

Read more in a blog post she wrote specifically on this subject.

Canadian Wedding Photographer, TD PhotographySome fun facts about our newest Canadian photographer? Tobi-Dawne is a proud supporter and member of the GSD community, and believes in marriage equality. She loves travelling, be it around the province, or the world. She is almost always up for a destination wedding or engagement shoot.

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To view more images from this lifestyle Canadian wedding photographer, visit Tobi-Dawne at TD Photography.


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