Candid Photography With No Limitations: No Filter Photography

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to Robert Underwood of No Filter Photography. Robert loves capturing moments that can only be taken once; once that moment or emotion has passed, you would have to recreate it in an unnatural way, or a “scripted” way, as he would call it. He enjoys capturing candid wedding photography as it relates to all of his work.

“This may sound corny, but I don’t think I solely chose to be a photographer; I was born to be one. I think anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer, but truly gifted photographers are those who can create beauty from natural settings and through candid times. I want to capture moments that I can share with those in the image and those who love photography.”

Candid Wedding Photography from No Filter Photography

Robert is a senior in college at Mississippi State University and has a passion for concert and wedding photography. He currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, although he is considering his paths after graduation. And while he has been shooting photography as he’s traveled with his family, Robert has been working in a paid capacity for about a year.

As to how Robert describes his photography style, one can simply look to his company name for the answer:

 “No Filter. And not the filter you are thinking of, but as I can shoot what I want, how I want, when I want. There are no rules, no limitations, no extents to how far I can take the art I see through my two eyes. I just happen to have a camera to show others what I see daily.”

Candid Wedding Photography from No Filter PhotographyCandid Wedding Photography from No Filter PhotographyCandid Wedding Photography from No Filter Photography

The first wedding he ever shot was Midieval themed, and the entire wedding party, including friends and family, wore medieval attire. He explains that this type of wedding runs right down the road of his business, as he shoots anything and everything regardless as to what others believe is “traditional” or not.

Robert has several pieces of advice for brides when seeking a wedding photographer. The first one is to know what they want. He encourages brides to seek a photographer who has the skill to get the job done, but not to limit themselves to the assumption that someone who has shot weddings for one year isn’t better than, or on the same level, as someone who has shot for 4 years.

“Check out their portfolio, including all other work besides just strictly weddings. Ask questions, and tell me what exactly you are wanting. I was a design student for 4 years, I have plenty of ideas and thoughts they may not have even linked together. The possibilities are truly endless!”

Candid Wedding Photography from No Filter Photography Candid Wedding Photography from No Filter PhotographyAbove all else, Robert is a photographer you will be comfortable sharing your special day with. Because of his experiences traveling and attending military school, he has been met diverse sets of people and has learned discipline, leadership, and the ability work with others from all over the world in tough problem-solving situations. He loves the outdoors, traveling, biking, finding new ways to expand his portfolio, and meeting new people every single day.

“Since it’s easy for me to meet new people, I will be more of a ‘friend’ (of course professional), then a dud who doesn’t know how to interact with your family, your children, and your loved ones. I think as soon as everyone is at least comfortable with you, the ‘true’ photos become to unravel and the best candid photos come alive. And be yourself, as I am always myself.”

Visit Robert Underwood of No Filter Photography at his website for more examples of his impressive candid wedding photography.

Any bride who contacts Robert directly through SnapKnot is entitled to special offers that he will discuss upon receiving your e-mail, ranging from savings on wedding packages to post-wedding gifts as a “thank you” for you business.

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