Unencumbered, Candid Wedding Photos: Don Pitlik of DCharles Photography

We are delighted to introduce Don Pitlik of DCharles Photography to the SnapKnot family. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this former commercial photographer utilizes a blended photography style that allows him to capture beautifully candid wedding photos.

“I look for the unplanned, unencumbered moments, when the subjects seem to be in a world all their own. But stylized advertorial work is also a part of me — that’s where I see something interesting in the lighting and setting, then place the couple or group, give minimal direction and let the subjects have fun. I click away and we’re done.”

DP at flink homeDon’s career started in commercial photography, but after a number of years, he was ready for a change. The commercial/advertising field, while challenging and enjoyable in many ways, had begun to feel too sterile for him. There was too much set up and attempted spontaneity. While attending the Wedding and Portrait Professionals International (WPPI) convention in Las Vegas, he met several Australian photographers who inspired him to move in a new direction. He saw wedding photography in a different light from that point on. So while he’s been focused on weddings for about ten years now, he’s been a photographer for close to 30.

Candid Wedding Photos from DCHarles Photography

Candid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyCandid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyDon understands that a wedding is one large organizational challenge for any couple, and one of the biggest challenges is picking a photographer who fits with your style and vision. He recommends that first and foremost, the couple should love the photographer’s work and the emotion it conveys. Secondly, the couple should feel comfortable with the photographer’s personality and trust his spontaneous judgement during the day.

Candid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyCandid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyCandid Wedding Photos from DCHarles Photography Candid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyAn early photographic influence for Don was Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adam’s large format, black and white photographs provided a connection to the great outdoors and the American west that I loved. Some people would say visiting the west didn’t quite match up to the expectations after seeing Adam’s photographs.”

When Don isn’t taking photos or working on the computer, you will find he and his wife at their farm property in western Wisconsin. In addition to enjoying the beauty and quiet of the rolling hills, they’ve engaged in a number of conservation and habitat projects on their property, including trout stream restoration, oak savanna restoration, forestry enhancements and bird/wildlife habitat improvement.

Candid Wedding Photos from DCHarles PhotographyTo see more unplanned, unencumbered moments and the very best candid wedding photos from Don Pitlik, visit DCharles Photography.

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