Geniune, Candid Wedding Pictures: MG Photography

We are delighted to welcome Michael Giard of MG Photography to our list of Portland wedding photographers. Michael classifies his style as photojournalistic and strives to take genuine, candid wedding pictures. His passion for photography began in high school when he was first published in the Stars and Stripes, and he’s been hooked ever since!

“I love viewing the world through the lens and capturing those special moments in a family’s life!”

Candid Wedding Pictures with MG PhotographyThis Portland wedding photographer is married with four kids and has a technical background in the computer industry. His children are his life, and also the inspiration that got him back into photography after a brief amount of time off.

As far as professional influences, Michael looks to Ansel Adams. Although landscape has never been his forte, Michael loves the expression in Adams’ work.

Candid Wedding Pictures with MG Photography Candid Wedding Pictures with MG PhotographyMichael has a funny wedding story to share with the community. He was recently shooting a wedding in rural Oregon and the groom accidentally locked the keys in his truck.

“Naturally, my first reaction was to pull out the camera and start shooting them trying to break into the truck!”

Our newest member also suggests that couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer don’t jump into a rash decision. He encourages couples to make sure they are comfortable with their photographer because he or she will be involved in very intimate parts of one of the most important days of their life!

Candid Wedding Pictures with MG PhotographyTo see more genuine, candid wedding pictures from this Portland photographer, visit Michael Giard at MG Photography.

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