Capturing a Couples ‘Finest Moments’

This husband and wife duo is SnapKnot’s newest addition to our Cleveland, Ohio list of photographers! Finest Moments loves to capture real moments from their client’s special day.  Read more about this talented wedding photographer pair below:

My name is Jesse Boone.  My wife Nelli and I operate Finest Moments Photography and we love to travel and shoot weddings all over.  We started Finest Moments 8 years ago and photography has been our career ever since.  I chose photography because I worked in corporate environments in advertising and in management and something seemed like it was missing.  I felt like I needed the time to be creative, and that my creativity would be marketable.  At that time we had 3 children, and it seemed like a risky thing to jump from the world of salary, but we stepped out and never looked back.  Now we have 7 children.  That’s another big reason I wanted to be a photographer.  I wanted time with my kids.  And while there are seasons of being very busy, we have more freedom to be a part of their lives while we can.
My style of photography is artistic and photojournalistic.  I love capturing the real moments that happen throughout the day.  My most polished skill is enabling people to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Though I shoot mostly weddings, some of my main influences have been Joel Grimes, Jennifer Hudson and Silvana Framartino.  I think to be really good at weddings you have to have a wide and diverse skill-set, so I look for insight everywhere.  Right now I use a 5D mark III and aside from the 70-200, I always shoot primes.  Depending on the situation, I use portable strobes or continuous light.
I would recommend that a couple looking for a wedding photographer place a high priority on the personal connection they sense with the photographer.  As a bride and groom, you want your photographer to enhance the overall experience.  I would also encourage brides and grooms who value photography to consider it as a lifelong investment and to hire an artist, not just someone clicking away to make sure it’s covered.  I think it’s also important to find someone you trust and can comfortably release creative liberty to.
Over my eight years as a full-time photographer, I’ve seen a lot of remarkable things at weddings.  I’ve seen groomsmen pass out during the vows, storms knock out the power at a reception, lighters repeatedly fail to work during the unity lighting and much more.  One of the last weddings I shot, I saw a super-excited groom during a very traditional ceremony walk up and kiss the bride as she reached the end of the aisle.  One of the messiest exits I ever saw was when a bride and groom tried to use their favorite cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats) instead of petals or rice.  The tux was forever dusted.
One of the recent phenomenons I’ve noticed in the industry is the emergence of Pinterest.  It seems that every bride is using it to plan.  I would too.  The one downside is that you are starting to get brides and grooms requesting Pinterest shots that were probably that photographer’s shot of the year.  It’s important for brides to understand that golden hour can’t be reproduced at 2 pm:)  I’ve stayed away from shot lists for several years now, because I know I don’t create my best work that way.  So while I will observe Pinterest submissions for a sense of my couples taste, but don’t like to mimic or try to reproduce.
For 2013 we are looking to make some changes and improvements.  We are aiming to shoot more destination weddings and travel more.  Nelli and I have started doing most of our own printing and framing.  We also are trying to make our brand more personal.  We want to befriend our clients and create lasting relationships.  For that reason, we’ve decided to take on 20 weddings per year.  Having plenty of baby experience, Nelli has been spending the year perfecting her baby sessions.  I will be spending time with personal projects this year and doing our first photography workshops this fall.  Picturing Love will be a workshop about creating fine art quality images and drawing the natural emotion from those we photograph.

Check out more images from this talented wedding photographer duo, at Finest Moment and their website!

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