Chic Wedding Photos: Edith L Photography

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to Edith L Photography, a full-service boutique wedding photography, videography, and photo booth business based out of Los Angeles, California. This team specializes in chic wedding photos with a photojournalistic touch. Their tagline says it all: “Simply Chic, Inspired by You”

“We believe that the best way of documenting weddings is to blend our creative vision with our client’s unique relationship dynamics and personality.”

Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L PhotographyEdith was a licensed therapist in the state of New Jersey and uses this to her advantage when it come to truly understanding what her couples need. When they view their images, Edith wants her couples to re-experience all of the emotion, fun, and memories of their wedding day in a way that they would have wanted to view it. All clients go through a personalized creative process with Edith so that their wedding is documented in a special and unique manner.

“Three words to describe our style would be chic, editorial, and romantic. I truly love capturing the uniqueness of a couple’s relationship.”

Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L PhotographyEdith got into the wedding industry after her own wedding and was inspired by the experience of being a bride herself. She loved working with her wedding photographers and has looked over her images time and time again. She knows from personal experience how important it is to document the most important day in someone’s life. She also loves the details that go into planning a wedding and getting to know the couples on a more personal level.

On a professional level, Edith looks to photographers Jasmine Star and Sal Cincotta for inspiration. She loves Star’s editorial approach to wedding photography along with her message that photographers need to help each other in order to elevate the art and the industry. In Edith’s opinion, Cincotta is an amazing photographer and an even better businessman.

“As photographers, our craft is only 10% of what we do daily; the rest is tending to our business.”

Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L PhotographyEdith recommends that couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer keep in mind that while a photographer might be great at what he or she does, they may not be able to connect with them on a personal level.

“Customer service and a great relationship are key to a successful wedding documentation. If a couple does not feel as if they know you on a personal level, it will be difficult for them to truly be themselves. Many of our clients become friends with us, and by the time their wedding comes along, they feel as though one of their bridal party members is following them around all day…not a stranger.”

Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L Photography Chic Wedding Photos from Edith L PhotographyA few fun facts about our newest SnapKnot member? Edith is also a makeup artist and has been doing bridal makeup for five years. Accordingly, a lot of brides tend to hire her for their wedding photography and their wedding makeup!

She alsohas four pets- two dogs and two cats who are her world. She married her best friend from college who is now a research scientist but plays an integral part in her business!

For more photojournalistic, chic wedding photos, visit Edith L Photography.

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