Modern + Classic Wedding Pictures: Nicole Caudle Photography

We are delighted to welcome Atlanta, Georgia wedding photographer, Nicole Caudle, to the SnapKnot family! Nicole strives to provide classic wedding pictures for her clients and describes her style as somewhat timeless and modern at the same time.

“I love all the pretty, soft details of weddings and I believe those are the things that make weddings come together.”

Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle PhotographyNicole picked up her first camera at the age of 14. She was the photographer for her school’s yearbook and gradually moved to photographing church functions. When she went to college she worked for her school’s newspaper as a writer and photographer and began her first paid photography assistant jobs at 17.

After working her way through college in this capacity, Nicole decided to take a break and put her camera down. She felt that it was time to “enter the real world” and considered herself ready to jump right into it. In 2010, after being stuck behind a desk for four years, she decided that she wanted to change the way her life was headed. She dusted off her camera and began learning all that she could about the new style of digital photography.

Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle Photography Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle PhotographyWhen asked what her major influences are, Nicole explains that there are so many who inspire her on a daily basis that there are too many to name.

“I love looking at the world through my lens. From the tiniest ant to the big blue sky. There are so many elements that inspire my style and the way I view the world.”

When it comes to couples just beginning their search for a wedding photographer, Nicole encourages them to do their research. She recommends that couples don’t just base their choice by price, but rather, make sure there is a connection and that they love the photographer’s work.

“A photographer’s job is to tell the story of your day. You want to make sure that they can capture the story in a way in which you would want it to be told.”

Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle Photography Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle PhotographyNicole is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is left handed, a self-proclaimed eccentric (in a good way), and believes that all situations can be diffused with a good knock knock joke. She loves classic literature, and her favorite story is “The Metamorphisis” by Franz Kafka.

Some more fun facts?

College football is Nicole’s weakness. She claims that you can find her tailgating at the stadium or in front of her TV at home on any given Saturday in the fall (unless there is a wedding that she should be shooting).

Nicole also loves all things DIY.

“I am an avid crafter, I love bright colors, and I have an unnatural obsession with Lilly Pulitzer clothes.”

Classic Wedding Pictures from Nicole Caudle Photography

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Head shot photo cred: Heather Schmon/H. Alexandra Photography.



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