A Colorado Country Wedding by Levi Tijerina Photography

SnapKnot is pleased to welcome Levi Tijerina Photography.  This Denver based photographer does an amazing job of capturing the full essence of a wedding day.  From the wedding chairs, to the gown itself, Levi is sure to photograph every element on your big day.  With a good sense of humor and a passion for what he does, Levi provides you and your spouse with the best photography possible.  In these country wedding photos, you are able to see just a few examples of the great attention to detail that Levi Tijerina Photography puts into their work.  Take a look and fall in love with the images that could be taken on your wedding day.

bride, hair, done

groom, tie, on

wedding, sign

reception, flowers

wedding, chair, flowers

bride, walking, aisle

bride, groom, first, kiss

groom, kiss, bride, cheek

To see more country wedding photos and to contact Levi Tijerina Photography Directly, visit their website.

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