Creative Wedding Photos: Corey Benoit of Faymus Media

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to Corey Benoit of Faymus Media. Corey has a certain style and artistic insight to how he captures a particular moment, and thus specializes in creative wedding photos. He has a swift and keen eye for natural moments that are innocent to the camera, and also strives to provide the best quality and customer service possible.

“I make it a priority to establish a relationship with my customers and have a blast with them, because lets face it a photographer who doesn’t have fun with their customers, open up, and have a blast is a boring photographer!”

Creative Wedding Photos by Faymus MediaWhile Corey was studying for musical arts, he found that he was falling in love with photography and spending less time studying music. That was when he realized that photography was his passion and hasn’t looked back in the ten years since!

One of Corey’s biggest influences is popular international photographer, Matt Granger (aka “That Nikon Guy”). Corey has learned a great deal from Granger and believes that he is truly a professional with a uniquely different outlook on photography. His favorite excerpt from Granger: “Photographers are the ‘author’ of the image, not the ‘documenter’. That’s a myth.”

Creative Wedding Photos by Faymus MediaCreative Wedding Photos by Faymus Media Creative Wedding Photos by Faymus MediaOne of Corey’s favorite wedding moments involves a ceremony he was the hired videographer for in which the hired photographer no-showed! Corey stepped in to save the day, staying three hours late capturing the extra video and photos that ended up truly making the bride and groom’s night. In this particular instance, Corey walked away with more than the happy glow that comes with generosity- the bride of that father was so happy with Corey’s work that he paid him double his initial fee!

“These are moments that stand out to me, and the reason I LOVE what I do.”

Creative Wedding Photos by Faymus MediaSome fun facts about our creative wedding photographer? Corey loves hockey and music, with a particular passion for guitar and piano. He used to sing and produce music as a hobby, and loves anything artistic. He also loves fast cars and enjoys working on them as a hobby when he is not shooting weddings.

Because Corey is so down to earth, relaxed, and social, he always has fun shooting weddings. He manages to have a sense of humor, while maintaining a courteous and professional edge, and always ends up making friends with the families at weddings.

“Almost every single time by the end of the reception I get a hug from the bride telling me how much fun It was and how she felt so comfortable with me taking pictures of the wedding.”

Creative Wedding Photos by Faymus MediaCorey’s advice for couples searching for a wedding photographer? Find one who is passionate about his work.

“A passionate photographer will deliver better performance than one who just shows up.”

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