Celestial Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Photo: Sunglow Photography

We’ve seen many gorgeous wedding photos in our time, but nothing quite as…stellar as this incredible shot by Dustin Prickett of Sunglow Photography. Huffington Post explains in their original article how this Cross Creek Ranch wedding photo was taken on a night when the moon and Venus appeared very close together in the sky- an event astronomers call a conjunction.

“[Prickett] was able to capture not one, but two couples in the stunning shot — bride and groom Karly Kryza and Lucas Farmer in the foreground and a celestial couple, the moon and planet Venus, in the background.”

Take a peek at this otherworldly epicness:

Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Photo from Sunglow Photography
Dustin Prickett // Sunglow Photography

It seems that celestial wedding photos are all the rage lately. We posted a photo on our Facebook a while back, featuring this super-starry hit from Australian photographer, Andrew Tallon, and it was clearly a fan favorite:


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