The Latest From Jenna Walcott Photography: A Sunrise Engagement Session Over our nation’s capital.

One of our Annapolis, Maryland wedding photographers, Jenna Walcott Photography, had the recent privilege of shooting the engagement session of a lovely Philadelphia couple where they first fell in love- D.C. Here’s our favorite tidbit from her blog post, offering some romantic details as a background to viewing these great D.C. engagement photos:

“The most amazing thing about photographing this couple wasn’t the adorably romantic story they told about how they met in D.C., how they learned that they both worked on The Hill and shared the same passion for politics.

It wasn’t that they live on one of the most desirable streets in Washington – a charming and enchanting short walk from the Capitol. It wasn’t the rich history or tasty tidbits they told about each corner of the city and the buildings & monuments we toured during the session.

It wasn’t even their insanely precious dog, Finn McCool (named after the bar where they met) that joined us toward the end. Even though all those things made this session simply fabulous, the most amazing thing about this couple was indeed the way they just fit together – the warmth between them was so heart-stopping and genuine.”

couple, kissing, DC, capitol

couple, gazing, lovingly, each others, eyes

couple, smiling, kissing

couple, smiling, each other

“There is honestly nothing more inspiring than photographing two people in love and full of excitement for the life they share today… and the one they have chosen to live together, happily ever after.”

couple, kissing, grand, room

couple, kissing, ballroom

couple, kissing, front, DC, building

Jenna Walcott Photography is now taking bookings for weddings in Washington D.C. & Maryland through the Eastern Shores of Delaware. You can see more DC engagement photos – and her complete wedding portfolio at her website.

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