DeCordova Sculpture Park Family Photos by Mr. Drew Photography

SnapKnot is all about wedding photography, but of course many of our photographers are involved with family sessions, boudoir, school photos and many other types of photography. We recently came across this post about a family session photographed by MrDrew, a Boston area photographer. He and Mrs. Drew captured some great photographs of the Farber family. The outdoor environment and the sculptures at DeCordova provided a really wonderful setting for this shoot. Keep up the good work Mr. Drew!

“We had the pleasure of hanging out with the Farber Family recently at the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln MA.  Leigh had the great idea of going to the sculpture park. then we found out it was Family Sculpture Fest which meant there would be tons of families at the park.  We went back and forth but finally decided the park was large enough & we got there early enough so it wasn’t too busy.”

DeCordova Sculpture Park
Check out more photos of from Mr. Drew at DeCordova Sculpture Park Family Sculpture Fest:
A morning at the DeCordova | Family Portrait Session

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