Destination Wedding Tips for Your Guests

In this article, we’re going to show you a great example of a useful list of tips for guests traveling to a destination wedding:

Travel Reminders and Suggestions:

  • Bring lots of sunscreens and plan to apply frequently.
  • Bring a hat as the sun can burn the top of your head
  • There is no dress code at the buffet restaurants, however, the A La Carte restaurant dress code is semi-formal (No Shorts, No Beachwear, and No sandals), so guys should bring some long pants and closed shoes.
  • There is no need to exchange currency or bring lots of cash. Everyone takes US dollars, Travelers Checks, or Credit/Debit Card.
  • While tips are included in the All-inclusive package, we definitely recommend bringing some small bills for tips. The staff at the resort is amazing, and a little tipping goes a very long way!!
  • Call your cell phone provider to find out their rates on roaming in Mexico because trying to use the calling cards or update your roaming is very difficult if you do not speak fluent Spanish.
  • There is no need to bring electrical converters, as the outlets are the same as in the US.
  • Make your own first-aid kit. Band-aids, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, triple antibiotic ointment, Benadryl pills, Imodium, antacid, aspirin, after-burn lotion, etc.
  • If you’re planning on buying a lot of souvenirs, pack a collapsible duffle bag in your luggage, so you can bring them home easily.
  • Snorkeling right out in front of the hotel is really good, as there is a nice reef there. If you’d like, stop by Target or another store and pick up an inexpensive snorkel kit and an underwater disposable camera.

Keeping in mind, of course, that the above list is specifically for Beth & Bobby’s wedding in Mexico, it illustrates a few key things to keep in mind when you are sending your guests’ information for your own
destination wedding:

  1. Notes on what to expect for local weather
  2. Dress code for wedding-related events & restaurants
  3. Timeline for wedding-related events
  4. Do local businesses take US $? Credit cards? Will guests need to exchange currency?
  5. Notes on local customs
  6. Cell phone coverage and Internet availability
  7. Destination-specific notes (i.e. don’t drink local water in Mexico)
  8. Notes on local recreational activities
  9. Notes on accommodations
  10. General travel reminders, tips, and suggestions

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Do you have any other travel tips for guests to share with couples planning their own destination weddings? Share it with us!

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