DIY Wedding Centerpieces – The Top 10 List

When you are beginning to plan your entire wedding, there are so many awesome ways to save money. We have showed you our favorite DIY wedding ceremony and reception ideas as well as DIY invitation, save-the-dates and thank you cards. Today we want to show you our top 10 favorite ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces!

There are so many unique and different ways to create DIY wedding centerpieces that can go beautifully with your wedding theme, whatever it may be. Depending on the season you are planning your wedding in or whether or not you are planning it around a holiday will help determine what decorations and DIY wedding centerpieces you will need. Also, you will have to take into account your wedding colors, favorite flowers and any other items you want to include in those centerpieces.

It is always good to remember that if you are planning to create many of your own DIY ideas, be sure to plan ahead and start working on your crafts early. A wedding is a stressful and huge task to plan and something like the centerpieces can be created and put together early! And always be sure to include your bridesmaids in the crafting… they are there to help make your wedding as fun and stress-free as possible!

Check out these great ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces below!

Everyone loves to showcase photos and it is so much fun for wedding guests to get to see various photos that show you and your new spouse from the time you both met and over the years. This fun photo centerpiece from Pinterest is easy to create. Simply purchase the frame or you can even glue 3 or 4 frames together and then put a candle in the middle… but make sure to not add the back onto the frame so the light will shine through!

diy wedding centerpieces

How easy would it be to create these beautiful babysbreath DIY wedding centerpieces? Babysbreath is very cost efficient and finding a simple white vase like the one shown in the photo below from Something Borrow Wedding DIY would be so simple to put together on your wedding day. Even though you create these on your own, there are very elegant and beautiful.

diy wedding centerpieces

Are you planning a summer wedding? Beach-themed weddings are so much fun and there are so many great ways to decorate for them. This great centerpiece would be so easy to re-create on your own! This photo by In His Image Film and Photois a message in a bottle type centerpiece and so easy to get your own sand, buy some shells (or find them on the beach!) and fill each bottle with whatever items you would like!

diy wedding centerpieces

This is such a cute and colorful centerpiece idea that be customized based on whatever wedding color you are using. It can be customized for a Christmas themed wedding or even a fun colorful wedding. Photo from Something Borrow Wedding DIY 

diy wedding centerpieces

Is your wedding during the Christmas holiday season? You can purchase all of the items needed here from a craft store to put together easily! This centerpiece from will truly make your holiday wedding more festive!

diy wedding centerpieces

Or you can use ornaments like in this photo below found on the DIY Network. Ornaments can be used really at any time of year depending on what your color scheme is but it is also a simple yet sparkly and beautiful way to dress up your wedding for the Christmas holiday!

diy wedding centerpieces

This is a fun idea for a DIY wedding centerpiece… all you would need is a bowl or large vase that appeals to you and your theme as well as the fruit of your choice. If you are doing a summertime wedding, the oranges would fit great with your theme, or you can use any other type of fruit you wish depending on the color and time of year. Photo found on DIY Network.

DIY wedding centerpieces

These are so classy and can fit into any wedding theme! They would also be so easy to put together on the day of your wedding! Simply use upside down wine glasses – use ones with different heights if you would like – and put candles on top of each. You can set each wine glass on a mirror and sprinkle flowers, confetti, candies, shells or really anything else that fits your fancy! Photo found on DIY Network.

diy wedding centerpieces

These vases, photographed by SnapKnot member Billie Stock Photography are so beautiful yet simple to create. Find vases or mason jars and decorate with various colored flowers, burlap and more. These would be perfect for an outdoor rustic themed wedding.

diy wedding centerpieces

This photo by RLK Photography shows that even a simple vase, flowers and beads put together can look amazing.

diy wedding centerpieces, RLK Photography

Be sure to check back next week for our favorite DIY wedding favor ideas! And do not forget to read our DIY posts on the wedding ceremony, reception and invitation ideas.

For other DIY wedding inspiration, be sure to follow our Pinterest page or search on the Get Inspired page.

Do you have any other really great, unique, DIY wedding centerpiece ideas? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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