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We’ve been fortunate to recently connect with Kym, founder and publisher of the blogs Becoming the Mrs. and DIY Weddings, both part of The Mrs. Network, LLC. We had a few questions for Kym and she was kind enough to share her answers for the benefit of all the future brides out there:

Who are you / What’s your story?
For the past 13 years I have been the Director of Special Events for a non-profit that helps homeless women and children. So my creative juices are flowing all year long in putting together golf tournaments and our fall gala to help raise $150,000 a year. I have always had a passion and an eye for design. In 2006, I started dabbling in web design and things just took off from their.

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Why did you start Becoming the Mrs and
DIYWedding Magazine?

When I got married in 2007, there wasn’t a lot of blogging go on. So to find bargins and budget saving idea meant hours upon hours of searching the internet. After I got married in 2007, I just wanted to help other brides. So in November of 2007, I launched Becoming the Mrs. As the years rolled by the need turned into more of “let’s inspire brides”. So in 2009 we revamped our website into a blog format and started helping brides find inspiration. Then in 2010 I started focusing more on do-it-yourself projects since I did my entire wedding myself.  That’s when the light bulb went off in February of 2010 to launch a magazine. We released our first issue of DIY Weddings on September 1, 2010.

What can brides find at Becoming the Mrs and/or
DIY Wedding Magazine?

Both Becoming the Mrs. & DIY Weddings you will find all kinds of ideas to help fuel your inspiration. We like to find unique and fun things to post. We just launched our “Inspirational Moments” that will be posted every Thursday on both our sites.

In DIY Weddings Magazine we focus on do-it-yourself projects, unique ideas, real weddings with real advice from brides on how they put their weddings together. We also have a professional style consultant that answers your questions and give advice on how to plan your wedding. Two culinary and entertainment experts that will be giving advice to our readers. Each issue just keeps growing and growing.

What makes you different from other wedding sites?
Our magazine is the only one of its kind that focuses on do-it-yourself weddings.  Not just one issue but every issue. We limit our advertising so you have page after page of real content. We are budget conscious so everything you see in DIY Weddings you can afford.

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Do you have any advice for other brides planning
their weddings?

Yes. Start planning as early as possible. They say you need a good year, but I think you should take two, take the stress off. Also don’t go into debt planning your big day. You don’t want to start your marriage off in debt fighting about money. The first 5 years are hard enough so take two years and save up while you plan. Decide what is important to you and what you can cut from your budget. Lastly, get a good photographer. Your pictures are going to be your memories so don’t skimp here. You want lots and lots of photos to pour through. Create a wedding book that you can keep on your coffee table and share with everyone. They also make great gifts for your parents who love to brag!

Why should brides avail themselves of resources like Becoming the Mrs and DIY Wedding Magazine?
All the blogs and magazines that dedicate themselves to helping brides have a wonderful day are a great means of resource. You should be looking at everything. You never know what you will find that will inspire you.

Do you have regular categories or features or is it just as subjects come up?
We have some regular features but we are open to anything that is wedding related. I look at every opportunity personally, as if I am getting married all over again. We love to showcase other vendor’s talents. Bring vendors and brides together is what we do.

Many thanks to Kym. Be sure to pay a visit to Becoming the Mrs. and DIY Weddings today!

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