Editorial Wedding Photography: Erika Brown

One part editorial wedding photography, a few scoops of photojournalism, and a sprinkle of traditional portraits and you have the perfect recipe for Erika Brown photos. Wedding photographers, she explains in her interview with us, must utilize several styles to document a complete picture of the wedding day.

“I like to create an environment where the couples can be themselves. They enjoy the process more and the pictures are more reflective of their true selves.”

Editorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyErika recently moved from Indiana to Duluth, Georgia, where she plans to stay for the 2013 wedding season. She does, however, have weddings to shoot in her former stomping grounds, so Indiana brides don’t despair! Brides everywhere, in fact, are lucky because Erika is willing to travel and encourages anyone from any location to contact her.

“I run my business with one thing in mind. You…and your happiness.  I work hard to make sure that every step of the process is fun, easy, and the memories of your wedding day are preserved in images that you love.”

Editorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyEditorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown Photography Editorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyEditorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyErika has always wanted to do something with her life that matters; something that is more fulfilling than sitting at a desk. She considers herself very blessed to have a profession she loves so much that it never actually feels like “work”, and can’t think of anything better than providing her clients with lasting memories of one of the happiest days of their lives.

Her photography story starts in somewhat of a unique way: Erika’s house was robbed when she was 10, and with the help from insurance, her family was able to buy a nicer camera than they had previously owned- a much nicer camera, she insists, than any 10-year-old should have. She still remembers the day her mom taught her how to hold it with the heavy lenses to take steady pictures. Together, Erika and her mother shared their love for photography, spending Saturdays driving around in search of interesting things to photograph, practicing what they learned in photography classes, and collecting images for school projects. Although she lost her mother to beast cancer at the age of 19, Erika still considers these days with her mother among her most treasured memories, and uses them to influence her work.

Editorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyEditorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyEditorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown PhotographyErika’s best wedding story is that of her own! Erika and her husband had a tiny misunderstanding about what each of them did the night before the wedding…

“We had an agreement that our parties would be G rated the night before the wedding. My girls decided that the real story of what happened the night before the wedding was a little boring (we ironed table clothes and did our nails). So, they devised a story to tell Austin about them kidnapping me and taking me downtown to a male strip club…

The morning of the wedding, Austin calls and wakes me up. Hoping to head off any misunderstandings, I begin to warn him that none of this story that he might hear is true. Somehow he missed the disclaimer at the beginning and heard: …we went to a male strip club… He was steaming mad, I was confused what the big deal was, he got madder that I didn’t understand why he would be so angry…

Anyway, he finally sort of understood, we still didn’t do a first look. Austin was a mess all day, I was oblivious, and we still got married. His mother thinks the story should be turned into a commercial for cell phone reception, and Austin uses the story to warn every groom why they should do a first look.”

Editorial Wedding Photography, Erika Brown Photography

Visit Erika Brown’s SnapKnot Profile to see more gorgeous, editorial wedding photography.

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