The Best of SnapKnot Engagement Photos: Part 1

If the success of our engagement advice series is any indication of what the wedding community is interested in, it’s clear that inspiration of this type is in high demand. In fact, it seems that there can be no shortage of wisdom and fun ideas for the engagement photo shoot…which is why we’ve gathered some of the best images our photographers have taken throughout their careers. From country chic to picnics in the park, we have collected a variety of awesome engagement photos to give both wedding photographers and engaged couples more than enough inspiration for their special session.

Due to the high volume of stunning images, we have chosen to feature them in multiple batches. Without further ado, here are 1-20 of our top 60 engagement photos.

Engagement Photos by Catalina Jean Photography Engagement Photos by Catalina Jean Photography “I had a blast with Kimberley and David during their Burnaby Village Heritage Museum engagement shoot. It’s easy to lose yourself in time while sharing a soda at the old-fashioned soda shop and taking a break inside the 100-year-old Vancouver street car. Taken near Vancouver, BC, Canada.”

Evelyn Ford Photography

Engagement Photos from Jerome Pollos Photography Engagement Photos by Karen Ard Photography Engagement Photos by Leah Valentine Photography“James and Amber, like many, met at work. Only they both work for the city of Santa Barbara and have the joy of working down by the harbor on a daily basis. Which obviously led to our harbor inspired engagement shoot!”

Leah Valentine Photography

Engagement Photos by Kendralla Photography Engagement Photos by Paired Images Engagement Photos by Paired Images Engagement Photos by Paired ImagesEngagement Photos by A&L PhotographersEngagement Photos by Wendy Freeman Photography wendy freeman photography_ engagement 1From top to bottom, left to right: Traci Burke Photography, Catalina Jean Photography, Evelyn Ford PhotographyJerome Pollos Photography, Karen Ard Photography, Leah Valentine Photography, Kendralla Photography, Paired Images, Uncorked Studios, A&L Photographers, Wendy Freeman Photography.

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