How To Pick An Environmentally Friendly Engagement Ring

When you have finally decided to purchase an engagement ring, it is a big deal. You have found that special person you are ready to share the rest of your life with! We have done a few posts on how to choose the best engagement ring.

You can learn how to pick the best engagement ring style for you, and get help in picking the perfect diamond. What if you really want to choose an environmentally friendly engagement ring?

We wanted to share this great article and infographic on CustomMade that provides a handy guide to ethical diamonds that are not only conflict-free but contribute to a cleaner environment and a healthier, wealthier society. The article also provides tools to navigate size, color, and cuts to create the custom engagement ring to find the one that is perfect enough to give the one you love.

According to CustomMade, diamonds are very difficult to source and the supply of diamonds is dropping as the demand for diamonds continues to grow.

The process of most modern mines includes earthmoving equipment to dig open pits, all of which require a large deal of water and energy, and produce waste and other emissions. All this said, if finding an environmentally friendly engagement ring is very important to you, read the infographic below to find out what specific questions you should ask and different things you should look for in your diamond.  

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What a Gem: How to Pick Environmentally Friendly Engagement Rings infographic

Be sure to read the entire original article on CustomeMade to get even more history and details about how to find an environmentally friendly engagement ring.

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