Experienced Photographers: ‘Your Wedding’ by Fotologic

Julie and Ian of ‘Your Wedding’ by fotologic are experienced photographers that specialize in weddings! The pair began a photography studio that occasionally covered weddings, but as they received more and more requests, it is now their specialty.

Located in the beautiful UK countryside, Colchester, United Kingdom, ‘Your Wedding’ by fotologic truly believes in working with each couple to give them a unique experience for their wedding.

It is helping to craft your memories that is important to us; which is why we want to get to know our bride and groom, to understand them, to know what they want, and to work with them to provide lasting memories.”

Experienced Wedding Photographers | 'Your Wedding' by FotologicExperienced Wedding Photographers | 'Your Wedding' by FotologicAlthough Julie has always been artistic, it wasn’t until a graphic design course in college that she discovered photography. Ian, however, grew up enjoying photography and furthered his craft in the military.

You never would have guessed the careers that Julie and Ian had prior to ‘Your Wedding’ by fotologic!  Ian was a search and rescue paramedic in the Royal Air Force and also worked stage security for many big rock bands, while Julie worked for one of London’s most prestigious hotels, a major record label, and even as a life guard for cruise liners.  Regardless of their previous paths, these experienced photographers make a great team!

Experienced Wedding Photographers | 'Your Wedding' by Fotologic Experienced Wedding Photographers | 'Your Wedding' by FotologicBoth Ian and Julie have “can do” attitudes that allow them to capture the moment, rain or shine. They have been a part of weddings where the groom is late, brides have dress disasters, and locations are not properly set up- but regardless of what happens, Julie and Ian capture photos that hold memories of a lifetime for the couple.

Experienced Wedding Photographers | 'Your Wedding' by Fotologic'Your Wedding' by fotologic // experienced photographersTo see more beautiful images from these experienced photographers, visit ‘Your Wedding’ by fotologic and their website.


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