Experienced Wedding Photographer: Kathleen Hall

We are delighted to welcome Kathleen Hall, an experienced wedding photographer based out of Palm Harbor, Florida, to the SnapKnot family. An excerpt from an article with Kathleen helps illustrate why experience is so crucial to her job:

Wedding photography  is perhaps the most rewarding and demanding work for a photographer. This is a time when there is no substitute for experience. The photographer has only one chance to get it right and capture your special day. Whether your wedding is traditional, formal, contemporary, playful, or anywhere in-between, my goal is to capture those special fleeting moments that others might miss.”

wedding3Experienced Wedding Photographer, Kathleen Hall PhotographyThis experienced wedding photographer has been documenting weddings in the Tampa Bay, Florida area for 20 years and loves it. She enjoys how different every wedding is and how each bride and groom brings their own personalities and unique vision to what they want for their wedding.

“It is so wonderful to combine my experience and abilities with their romance and fresh ideas to create a truly amazing visual interpretation of their engagement and wedding. One element that is common to the photography I do for every wedding is the ultimate importance of capturing the relationships, romance, and personal feelings of the couple, their friends, and their families.”

innovative wedding photographerWeddingPhotos04Behind the final wedding photos is a lot of technique and technology.

“Up until about four years ago”, Kathleen explains, “we still had to photograph with film to achieve the highest quality and desired look. However, digital technology has improved so much in the last few years that we can now use it to photograph the entire wedding.”

She feels that this gives her a tremendous flexibility and broadens the creative possibilities of her work. Her personal favorite cameras for her type of work are Nikon, loving how they always incorporate the latest technology and provide consistently top-notch results. Having the proper equipment allows Kathleen to spend an entire day photographing a wedding and have confidence that she’ll get every important shot.

WeddingPhotographs14 WeddingPhotographs25innovative wedding photographer Kathleen’s advice to couples is to consider that two of the most important people to help with your wedding are your wedding planner and your wedding photographer. They are both typically involved in almost every part of your wedding day, can help bring your vision to life, guide you around potential pitfalls, and will keep your wedding day flowing smoothly.

“I put everything I have into photographing each wedding and I am always completely exhausted at the end of the day.  However, the next morning I can’t wait for the next one.  I love what I do!”

innovative wedding photographerIf you want to see more from this experienced wedding photographer, Kathleen Hall, you can also visit her website!


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