Family First – Jazzymae Photography

Please give a warm SnapKnot welcome to Jazzymae Photography – our newest photographer to the Cleveland, Ohio area!  Learn a little bit about this family-owned company and see some of their portrait wedding photography:

At Jazzymae Photography, we know that your wedding is the start of a new chapter in your life, and for many people, a wedding marks the formation of a new family. We take family seriously because we are a family-owned business named after our grandmother, Jasmine Mae Souza.

Both of our lead photographers are a college education in a media-related field. We didn’t just go into business together because it seemed fun; we came together because we’re passionate about photography and we believe a family-run business is the best possible way to serve our customers. We have four photographer’s assistants whom we have personally trained on staff.

Our brand of photography is truly unique, blending journalistic and creative elements with traditional portrait photography. Some photographers are only comfortable with one style, and will sacrifice candid moments for portraits, or will become so overly-involved in capturing an artsy photo that they don’t capture a beautiful portrait. But when you choose Jazzymae, you’ll get an assortment of photo styles. Our photographers carefully contemplate the right angle, lighting and timing for each photo, and will strive to ensure that you look your best, that the photo accurately captures the moment, and that we deliver a wide variety of images of your special day.

We know that weddings can be stressful, and we aim to minimize your stress. We take great pride in our attentiveness to each client, and hiring us will minimize, rather than increase, your workload. You’ll have a trusted photographer on your wedding day, freeing your mind to focus on what really matters.

Perhaps most importantly, our photographers are nice people. You’ll be with a wedding photographer all day, so it’s important to ensure this is someone you can tolerate being around! As wedding veterans, our photographers may be able to offer tips on calming your nerves, dealing with family, and surviving your wedding day intact. You may just find that your Jazzymae photographer is your wedding day best friend.

To see more portrait wedding photography from Jazzymae Photography you can also visit their website!

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