Finding a Wedding Photographer Doesn’t Have to Be a Labor of Love

The following testimonial is a guest post by Raquel Muhar, a real bride-to-be who had success finding her perfect wedding photographer on SnapKnot!

I really thought Google could be my wedding planner. I mean it keeps all my important appointments, finds me restaurants and gives me the weather forecast. It answers all my questions!

But when it came to finding me the right wedding photographer, the Google machine was not so good.

engaged couple kissing, vespa, nami dadlani

Photo by Nami Dadlani

I knew I wanted someone local, someone with a unique, organic style and someone that fit my frugal bride budget. But when I punched in those key words, I got nowhere.

Problem is, a lot of photographer’s websites have terrible SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is how a website is optimized so that it appears high up on the results pages of search engines like Google and Bing.

When blind Internet searches proved to be useless, I turned to my favorite wedding blogs. They’re a great way to see a photographer’s best work.

Although I was able to get some strong leads, I spent countless hours falling in love with photographers that ultimately proved to be significantly out of my price range.

Frustrated and losing hope, I stumbled upon (cue angels singing.) This wedding photography directory lets you search by city or zip code and lets you narrow your results down by budget.

Before you could say, “Holy bridesmaids Batman,” I was communicating with potential photographers. Ultimately, I chose two – one to shoot my engagement photos and one for the big day.

Check out my tips on how to take awesome engagement photos. is easy to use, easy to navigate and extremely effective. Use this site and make picking a wedding photographer the fun, exciting process that it should be.

Raquel Muhar is a bride planning her wedding for March 2012 in Miami, Florida. She’s also a web producer for and co-author of the blog, Diary of a Florida Bride. Follow her on Twitter @raquelmuhar.

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